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My wife has just left me, I am so upset. What should I do?
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My wife has just left me, I am so upset. What should I do?

My wife left me last night, I have a pile of dirty dishes in the sink, there is no shirt ironed for me and she seems to have taken the remote for the tv. I need a cup of coffee and can't find the instruction booklet to work the kettle. Is there a dating section on Yahoo Answers because I need to get fixed up pretty quick.

Shame on you! Grow up!

jessy c
It seem to me your wife left you cos all along she has been your maid not your wife. You sound like a controling freak. Well now that she's gone, you'll need to get your shirts ironed by yourself, do your laundry by yourself, put the kettle on by yourself for a cuppa or coffee. That will make you understand how important wives or women are to treat them with respect. You know thier importance when they have left. Be honest with yourself and answer this question, are you upset becos you have dirty cloths, un iron shirts or you genuinely love n miss her? To me, she deserves someone who'll treat her as a wife and not a maid becos from your question there is no mention of love or the fact that you are missing her. Get yourself sorted out. Jess

Rachael H
By the sound of it you are better off without her, how inconsiderate! Wouldn't you think she'd have made sure that: a) done the dishes b) she left you with at least 5 clean, ironed shirts c) left you the remote with at least 2 lots of new batteries d) Clearly printed instructions for all kitchen appliances including the kettle. As well as this she should have changed the bed, hoovered through the house, cleaned the bathroom (especially the toilet, that's definitely a woman's job), dusted and plugged in your PS3 so that it would be to hand after she'd gone. If you were my husband I'd have done all of this for you. Choose her replacement a little more carefully next time, silly boy.

hey man wake up,you aren't bothered that she left and don't think you'll get a nother one to do your work.atleast treat the next one decently.sorry pal for being rude.you got to change your attitude.

call merry maids...poop on the wife

How could she do that to you...lol

Life goes on. First of all, you have to wash your dishes, iron your shirts. Then have your cup of coffee. Simple. Forget about your wife. If she wants to come home, then accept her. If she doesn't want to, then don't force her. Life is so short. Live it. If you believe in God, then pray. Entrust all your burdens to Him and let His will be done. Dating wont solve your problem. Focus on learning to live and coping life alone. Let time heal you. Later on maybe you can date again. Good luck!


Are you kidding me?! Must have been true love if you're looking for a replacement already. Why don't you commit some kind of crime so you can go to prison and be someone else's b**ch for awhile. See how you like it. Probably about as much as your wife did.

kaber h
If u lost ur dog, u'll be more upset. She left u just last night, and u want to date? What the hell kind r u?

Hilary Elaine G
Think you might have answered your own question - why did she leave - you sound useless to me, looks like you will now have to learn how to look after yourself, get a brain, find out why she left you, that might also answer a few questions!!

ah god the dirty dishes! no shirt?!!! life...coming...to...end....

GoreyAlan F√°ilte
DONT PANIC. 1. throw the dirty dishes out and get paper plates. No need for washing up. 2. Look in the local papers for an ironing service. they usually charge about £7 per 1lb of ironing 3. Forget the tele at home. Go to the pub to watch the tele. Or as a last resort check ebay for 2nd hand/ new remotes. 4. Tea is not a problem. There will be a vending machine in your local sports centre or the local cafe will be able to help you. 5. There is not a dating section on Yahoo answers but if you go to the yahoo home page you will find Yahoo dating on the left hand side of the screen. I hope that this information is of great use to you, and I pray that your wife doesn't return without showing great remorse for the prediciment she has left you in.

Go buy another remote and hire a maid then your set.

you neen to get a life, that why she left you, be independent take a course on how to cook, when they leave you again you wan't miss them that much, best of luck

dude... u sound strange! Go ahead n' say sorry to ur wife... make her realize that how important in ur life she is! things might get better for you! breaking apart isn't the solution or getting a new one neither!

Hah! 1. Dirty dishes - throw them away and buy paper ones. 2. Shirt Ironed - No need! Just buy a new one at Wal-Mart hanging on the rack everyday. 3. Stolen remote - In the back of Wal-Mart, you can get a . . Universal Remote. I'll say it slowly again. U-knee-vers-suhl Re-mote. 4. Coffee - Correct me if I'm wrong, but I do believe there's a Starbucks right around the corner. Actually, all this sounds really complicated. Just torch the place and live at a hotel. It'll work. I promise. =D

I agree with BLING... bride's abroad... lol But seriously, didn't you read the manual that your wife came with!!! Find it, I think it's still in the box that she came in.... Read section "if the product is nowhere to be found... or maybe "in case of emergencies" You know what!!! Just call the company, get your money back :)

mate you're lucky have a party and invite all your mates and get a load of pole dancers in! bin the dishes eat off paper plates or even better take away. as for the coffee drink beer instead. make the most of your freedom.

enchanted mermaid
you mean you lost your maid? Hire another one

Feeling Guilty?
There a song for you, it goes something like this... I got a brand new girlfriend we went a jumped off the deep end flew out to LA for the weekend lying on the beach wearing nothing but a smile playing kissy kissy smootchie smootchie... You get the picture?

commit sucide .

think it positive. take it as challenge. she maybe laughing at u. prove her u can be independence

Freddie Mercury
so wat if there is a dating section on Yahoo? u mean u wanna go on a date, get a gf, live in with u and do all e chores? Well, get a domestic maid, its much quicker that way dude! U sounded very much like your maid ran away instead of your wife!...

Oh, you poor thing! (Not!) Move on, get a life and Grow Up!!!!! ")

try craigslist, theres all sorts up there, and its local for your city

No - but I'll pop around in a couple of weeks to check up on you - by that time you should be stinking up the place a little - the council can arrange to have your body removed in a big plastic bag

count yourself lucky ; my friend.

Olesya C
I have the same problem.

Dating section? Sounds more like you need a mother, not someone to date -- learn how to take care of yourself because TRUST ME, no woman wants to date a man and also act as his mother. Grow up!

Yes look under, Brides from abroad, ;-)

Go back to bed lol.

i think your funny but i wouldnt date you cos your married !

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