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My wife wants me to bring girls home for her--- is this a set up? She brought a girl home once though..?
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My wife wants me to bring girls home for her--- is this a set up? She brought a girl home once though..?

more like she wants a change in the relationship...big hint to talk to her about your future with her.

You lucky dog you!!!

only one way to find out

it could be a set up,.. then you'll finish

What a sick life!!

If she says she want's it then you can't be blamed if it all goes pear shaped. I'd say give her what she's asked for as long as you're totally comfortable with it. Think long and hard about that first though. If there is even a hint of jealousy in you it will be a disaster and will probably break up your marriage!

joy ride
Dude your headed for divorce court or for an STD examination, get rid of her or set her straight!

sounds like you have a woman who goes both ways ? my opion ?

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