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SSI for disabled son if I get married will he stop getting his ssi?
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SSI for disabled son if I get married will he stop getting his ssi?

I am a single mom to 3 children 2 with autism and one with hypogammaglobinemia. All under the age of 9. My oldest (9 yr old) gets SSI. I met a wonderful guy with custody of his child. If we were to get married to make our lives more stable for the kids would my son lose his ssi. I don't work because of the need to care for my children. My boyfriend makes about 50K a year so that would make us a family of 6 on 50K plus about 1000 in child support a month. He would NOT be adopting my children as their dad would not go for that. My son's ssi goes towards social threapy and educational equipment he needs.

Kendra J
Good luck! I dont know what to say. I have a family of 6 and have an income over 100k per year...and we live pay check to pay check. With the medical care of you son's, I dont know what to tell you other than to check with SS office. I dont see why his benefit would stop.

well it depends on the household income, my son has cerebral palsy and he "was" getting ssi. the more you or your spouse make the less he or she will get, if you or your spouse are under the income limit then the child will get full benefits, but if you are over then they will lower the benefits. but if the the income is way over the guidelines then there will be no ssi at all.

Jenny W
Don't quote me on this but I think it would only stop if he were to adopt the child. Call someone at the SS office, I'm sure they will be able to answer that for you or send you in the right direction.

I'm sorry to hear about your situation... and I hope it gets better. Personally, I don't think your marital status changes your son's ability to receive ssi. Unless of course they look at your husbands income then Iguess that's another story. I think you should consult with someone who really knows the answer to this question.

sofa king what!
we didnt lose ours- i made 67k last year ,family of 4

Lone L
No your son would not lose his SSI just because you got married

jackie b
not sure but if you go to the ssi website there is a calculator there to figure out if you'd be eligible..

he will always get it until 18 or still in school or college, there after,

The Lemur
I dont think he would lose ssi benefies.

It is income based....give SSI a call. I lost my SSI when I got married...."we made too much". Now that I have a child...I still don't get it.

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