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Should I just keep on ignoring her & move on?
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Should I just keep on ignoring her & move on?

I have been with a girl for over a year now. I do everything for this girl. She treats me & her mother really bad at times & she treat her friends like gold. Especially when she is wanting her fix. She has a major drug and alcohol problem. She disappears for hours at a time doing drugs with her friends. She runs to the bad part of town aka drug city. Its hard telling what she is doing for these drugs. She has very little money. Me and her mother are the only ones who really care & support her. I cant stand this stuff. Will this get any better? I do love her or I would have left along time ago. I have given her chances to change many times. She promises to stop but starts it all back up a week or two later. I have not talked to her in two weeks. I have been ignoring her texts and calls. I am so mad & hurt. I just dont think she will ever change. Should I keep on ignoring her & move on?

I would dump her in a heartbeat for the simple fact that she is this way, disrespectful, a druggie, and a user, sorry to say this but its true, i would say move on but maybe keep in contact at times to show her someone does care and try to get her to get help. without help she wont stop. its up to her to help herself also. moving on is the best thing to do right now for your safety, you never know if some night she will bring a druggie over and rob or even shoot someone. its a risk i wouldn't be able to take. i know your mad and hurt and got used but it will take time to heal, but look into the future and see how it will be much better for you and your family avoiding the dangers and fights because of her. and if sometime down the road she has gotten help and proved herself then talk to her and go from there. just maybe then she will see what she lost and admit her wrongdoings, you never know the future but it helps to look forward for a better life for you and your family. good luck and be strong.

move on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mama Tex
Move on...Run!

Poopsie Mellish

druggies and straight people don't mix, they aren't on the same page, don't want the same things from life. and don't share the same morals. better end it before she gets pregnant and your stuck with her for years. you can't control her, she would have to be the one to seek help. when someone is a druggie you don't act supportive of them, and you have to be strong enough to end it if they show no signs of changing. she does need help and there are rehabs but you can't force her.

Prayer Warrior
If you can't take the pain anymore, then you must severe your ties with her. You can recommend a good rehab facility to her, but you can't fix her problems. She has to want to change. You can't make her want to change. I'm sorry :(

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