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Should I leave my husband, cheat or what?
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Should I leave my husband, cheat or what?

He's inattentive, rarely at home, and when he is home--he doesn't seem to even notice I'm there. We've been together for several years and I've told him how I feel. I've even told him that most of the time I don't want to be married to him anymore. No matter what I say or do, it doesn't change his attitude toward me or our marriage. I feel like the most unimportant thing in his life right now. I've had the opportunity to cheat on him and it seems like a better idea every day. I know it's wrong and we should tough it out "for better or worse" but I'm tired of being ignored and unloved.

If talking to him did not work. Then think of getting out, tell him you want out but don't cheat you will feel worse after. You need to start thinking of yourself and be HAPPY you only live ones so enjoy it. BE HAPPY YOU DESERVE IT!!!!!

candace b
Having an affair won't solve your problem. You will still come home to a husband that seems disinterested. If he is not responsive when you have expressed your unhappiness, then unfortunately, you may have to separate. I do not interpret "for better or worse" as being stuck in an unhappy situation. Good luck to you.

no matter what shape your marriage is in and no matter how many times we say we want a divorce, it is still a sad time and a shock to us when it happens. when it really happens we realiaze that we truly didn't want that, all we wanted was to be loved, and respected. so maybe therapy would do a world of good for u and if he won't go go yourself. we are never ready for divorce really so it's best to give it one last try to make it work, than u will be clear in your mind that u did all u could, and your concience will be clear. never good to cheat, just hurts u more than anyone else. before cheating just divorce them instead, and maintain your morals, and dignity.know that atleast u did right even if he won't.

I think you should try and talk to him 1 last time and if he doesn't change or care. You then should just leave because maybe he doesn't want to work it out either and just doesn't have the guts to be the one that leave first. Don't cheat because you don't want to complicate things even more. Good Luck!

casey's girl
If you are that miserable, it's time to get out. Unless you want to try counseling, which would require an effort on both sides, you might as well call it quits. I'm not a big believer in divorce, but it's better than being in a loveless marriage or cheating.

Why would you cheat, when you can get a divorce and look for the one. I know that you think that if you cheat and get caught it will change his attitude toward you, but it won't it will only add resisentment to an already drowning marriage. If he is not going to go to counseling with you than you need to file papers, and make sure that you don't cheat because that can be leverage for him.

You are not making things any better by being negative and telling him that you don't want to be married to him anymore, if he's acting this way to you, he probably feels the same way. Need to get some spark back somehow. Go on vacation together.

Leave him if you're not happy. Cheating is not the way to go. It will make you feel bad about yourself and it is immoral.

stevenson r

A person should not have to live their life in an un-happy state. Ultimatums are not the answer here. You DON'T want him showing you attention just so you won't leave. You want him to show you attention because he wants to. You COULD cheat but that is a bad batch of eggs. It would always be one lie after another and someone else might get dragged into the mix and be subjected to more trouble and drama than he bargained for. I say if your husband does not even know you are alive, then you should set yourself and him free.
We live, we love, we die. Don't miss out on the second step or you won't have lived at all and you will have died for nothing.

If you can afford it get a private detective and go from there. Theres a reason hes acting this way...Dont cheat until you know for sure..gl

old & decreped
Then you'll have two men who are inattentive, and rarely home, and ignores you. They're all the same, esp since I bet you subconsciously attract this type of guy, but I could be wrong, since you are smart enough to not put up with this kind of bull****.

Monsieur Rick
Before you bolt, you should find out from him what the most important thing in his life is and if that is why he is rarely home.

Cheating only makes you cheaper, but neither do you deserve to feel ignored and unloved.

duy n
doing something bad to try to make something else better or fell less worse doesn't usually work so just get divorced because it seems he don't love you and that's what it shouldv'e been from the start but don't do everything someone told you to do from a computer

S x
its time to get out the kicking tee. Boot his butt.

Your marriage needs help right now. If he won't go to counselling, then perhaps you should try a trial separation. If there is still hope, then one of those two things should spur you both into action. If he still doesn't budge after a trial separation, then maybe you would want to consider making that permanent. I feel though that cheating is not fair and would just make everything worse. I wish you all the best.

Please get counselling, I'm sad to hear of somebody feeling unloved in a marriage. Cheating won't solve a thing and will only lead to more problems. Hope you guys can work it out :-)

i know how you feel, but don't cheat you will hate yourself after the fact. try calcining if that don't work maybe you need to consider a divorce.

have you tried counseling or talking to a preacher? before you run out and commit adultery, you need to have tried every option available. maybe it's you. what are you doing to make him feel loved? was he like this when you married? i am not saying it's your fault but there are two sides to every story. if you are doing everything you are suppose to be doing and tried everything possible then the only thing i can think of is that he is cheating and to divorce his ***.

Go ahead and cheat, why not??? Get some excitement in your life.

yoyo l
well, find a time to really sit down n talk... if he's not willing to, then forget 'bout the marriage if you have no kids. but if you've got kids, u cant just pack n go. see a counsellor together. do not cheat, do not have any wrongdoings on your part, at least you'll be clear...

Cheating is a really bad idea for many reasons. Go to counseling or talk to an attorney - in all honesty anything else you do is simply putting it off.

If you don't want to be married to him anymore, don't be. File for divorce.

Alyssa .
well cheating is NOT the answer...what's cheating gonna get you? yes another man to sleep with and be with but why? when you can divorce and THEN do it. If it continues then a divorce sounds reasonable...maybe mention a divorce to him and see if it opens his eyes.

just get rid of him or your life will be miserable forever

NEVER EVER CHEAT!!!!! try counseling

Carlos D
Consoling or a divorce.

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