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Should a man love God more than his wife?
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Should a man love God more than his wife?

Just really confused. What does the Bible say? And how many people believe that nothing comes before God, not even your spouse or children? Thank you.

My God is not jealous. He wants me to love others, and would never ask that I love Him over them. The bible says that God is jealous, and demands that He be loved above all others. If even God is insecure, what hope is there for us? In my view, by loving another we love God.

Aurora Anthony
But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness...Matthew 6:33 Everything you have and everyone who is in your life is a blessing. Why would you put them before God? A man should love his wife as he loves himself (Ephesians 5) and if a man is following God's Word to fulfill his life's purpose, putting God first in everything he does...and treats his wife as his equal, why would he place himself before God?

my mom always said i don't love you or your brother more or less than the other, but not the same either. it's just a different kind of love

Poopsie Mellish
God is who created you both and He wants you both to put each other first as husband and wife. God would want you both to stand united or divided we fall. Put your Marriage first!

YES if you read your bible you will find that it does say that , And you will learn a lot more then that if you want to know the truth

Yummy Mummy
God doesnt exist. My marriage comes first, then my children, without placing my marriage first there wont be a safe and happy environment for my children to grow up in.

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