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Should a married woman take her husband's name?
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Should a married woman take her husband's name?

I think it's quite romantic, but I've been accused of being small minded because of it.

Yeh i think its the whole purpose of saying u both are married. 1 unity together. I will definately change my name 2 my husbands when i get married however there is no set law to change it.

Wow - it's amazing to me to see how male-minded our society still is. A woman should take a man's name 'out of respect for him'? What about her? Where in the male-surname taking tradition is respect for the woman? And I understand being 'proud of his family and his background' but what about the husband being proud of HER family and background? If you agree with either rationale, it is as if the man is more important, which a. I don't believe to be true and b. I don't believe that anyone actually believes is true. To show the unity of a relationship and to make a new life together the most obvious way in my mind is to create a new name together. Then neither one has to feel less of a person, or lose any sense of identity, and it really is a NEW beginning. I've been wondering a lot about this issue lately, and the more research I do and viewpoints I read; I am more and more amazed that this tradition of taking the man's name has continued this long in our society. I need reasons. I do not tend to just accept things at face value - just because it's the way that most people do it, or that's just the way it is - are not, and never will be enough of a reason for me. As far as this question goes, there is no REAL reason for the woman to take the man's surname. I, certainly, will never do anything just because 'that's what most people do'.

Tayla T
I didn't. Bernard doesn't suit me.

Ms. S
I don't think they should if they don't want to. Why not the husband take her last name instead? Or she could hyphenate her last name with his. Or just keep her own. I'd keep my own personally. I wouldn't marry a guy if he made a big deal out of something as small as that. That is, if I believed in marriage.

It is a personal choice. I chose not to take his name. I am the last and youngest in my family to have my last name. The only male, my cousin never had children. My family name dies with me unless one of my children choose to take it. That is an option we have left up to them to decide. I know women that have kept their name, men that have taken the woman's name, couples that both have chosen to hyphenate their names, and 1 couple that made up a whole new name made up of parts of both their last names (they both had really long last names and hyphenating was not an option). It is a personal choice to be made between you and your husband. Nobody has they right to judge what you decide.

Grandma Is God
Most women do take the husbands name however in today's world many professional women do not take the mans name because all of the degrees and certificates are in their maiden name. I have been married twice and took my husbands names both times. Am still married to the second one.

Given how notoriously backward Americans are to the world, I would say it is the individual's choice if they want to adopt the surname of their spouse. Whether it be for romantic notions or a display of devotion or whatever. Remember a sign of respect for the wife's Identity is key in this issue, the man must be careful not to look like he is making a woman lose her identity behind him. A woman taking a man's name is supposed to be traditional. But remember, so is slavery. Think about that. Sometimes downmarking happens when you tell the truth. proves the narrow minds I was on about. I don't really believe in marriage either.

Jordan M
Only if she wants to. There is no law that says she has to. I chose to keep the name I was born with when I got married ten years ago. Didn't make me any less married. It's a personal choice to adopt your husband's name. I have an extremely happy and problem free marriage, using my own name. Taking the husband's name would not make a marriage successful.... Edit: Contrary to what the answerer "Future Reservist" said, when a man asks you to marry him, he is not asking you to join his family, he is in essence asking you to start a NEW family and household with him. Logically, a joining of both names would better signify this new family.

"/* Insanity
some women like to take their husbands name. some women prefer to keep their own. i think it should up to to the individual. for some it is a display of commitment to take on their husbands name. for others it's a display of independence. i am a guy, but thinking of it simply as an individual my name is a part of me, it is a part of who i am... i'd not want to change it, so a woman shouldn't have to change it either. but if she wants to then good luck to her!

I think a woman should take her husbands name after getting married...out of respect for him.

in my opinion,yes. it shows the unity of your relationship, and that you are proud to be a part of his family and his background. answer mine? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20091120192118AAf3VRi

Old Man Withers
ya, people will accidentally call you by his last name if you don't take it, so you gotta correct them every time....remember that

Future Reservist
personally i think that they should. I'd be offended if a woman wanted to keep her name or hyphenate her name. when a man asks you to marry him he's asking you to join his family. so, take his name.

I Dont Know
yes? that's what everyone does. hahahha

This is what is usually done. You will be Mrs A when you get married, not Miss B.

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