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Should i be worried about my husband having a female as a bestfriend?
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Should i be worried about my husband having a female as a bestfriend?

My husband and i just got married in april and were a young couple. Ive had alot of growing up to do because im almost 9 months pregnant and expecting in september. My husband has had this female bestfriend that he hasent seen in over 3 years because hes in the military and they both moved on with their lives.Shes single and in college. He talked to her yesterday in front of me and last night when i wasnt around. mind you they were bestfriends in high school. he is 22 years of age now. Im just scared that she would step out of bounds. I am also a little jealous because im supposed to be his bestfriend as his wife. Should i be worried? Should their be limits on their friendship? Or are my pregnancy hormones getting the best of me? I'm trying not to seem jealous so i havent said anything to him about how i feel. I know theyve just started talking 2 days ago but shouldnt their phone calls to each other die out because they shouldve gotten all they really had to say out...? HELP PLEASE!

I can relate to your feelings, but feelings are not facts. Has he been faith full to you ? Any reason not to trust him? Nip it in the bud and communicate how you feel. Always The Best remedy .

In my opinion you should be worried. Best friends usually end up a little more. Now if she isn't living close by then I wouldn't worry to much but is she is around the corner, I would talk to him about it and let him know that it does bother you.

blah blah
your husband is entitled to keep his friends, whether they be male or female. he has known those people before he met you and has shared both good and bad times with them so the bond will always be there. trying to break that bond might only work to your disadvantage. but having said that, as a wife, you must also be vigilant but not to the point of paranoia regarding your husband's relationship with this friend. try to be friends with her and asses for yourself if there is nothing to worry about or if there is an issue that needs to be addressed. from what i gather, you are both a young couple so the whole matrimonial and pregnancy issues may have given you some worries/doubts. nobody is exempted from this. its also important that the wife and husband are good friends but they are not always the best of friends especially for the newlyweds ot those who met only a few years before. let the closeness develop. be patient and take it easy. hopefully things would work out

I don't know about others.. but.. it always starts with a little friendship, not always.. but in so many cases . . I wouldn't be comfortable with it myself.. that was then, he's now married to you . . I don't think it's right if he'll meet her himself.. Just be watchful . . . .

Karen S
Hun there is nothing to be jealious of. He has not givien you a reason to be jealious. Alot of people on here are going to make you worse because they are going to say things that will make you think that he is. Ask yourself this question? Do you trust him? If the answer is Yes. Then see if you can be in the same room with him while they talk. If you can then it is what he says it is. Sit next to him and put his arm around you or put his hand on your stomach to feel the baby move. Never think that he is cheating until he gives you a reason too. It might help to talk to him about the realtionship they have. Find out things about them how they became freinds where did they meet.l Everybody has a past. Everybody has a bestfreind. He loves you and you both about to have a baby so try not to worry so much. Talk to him things will be fine..

It is hard for men and women to be "just friends." According to my counselor, "One person usually has a hidden agenda." You are jealous, insecure and pregnant (hormones raging). Tell him how you feel, without yelling, whining or crying. Ask him to limit his contact to when you are around, so you can at least hear his side of the conversation and not to met her without you there. He is young and temptation is there. Keep your eyes open, but be wise in your jealousy. God does give women intuition for a reason.... Good luck!

Don't worry too much cause otherwise if you don't trust him you might end up driving him away, don't you remember when you made your vows you promised to trust him. Trust me my girlfriends best friend is a guy whos the same age as me and they both get on very well but i trust her not to do anything with him because we love each other and thats something that makes our relationship special. just befriend his best friend and you'll all get on fine together :) if you two become friends, you can always talk to her for advice if you need any cause she is a close friend of his so she'll probably want to help you out if you're ever in trouble. i hope everythign works out for you both and you and her become friends :)

First things first, you need to talk to him about it. Tell him how you feel about all of the little things, like when he talks to her when you're not around..etc. Then, try to get together with her, maybe in a group at a restaurant or bar to get her "Vibes" and see what kind of person she really is... ALSO, how she acts around your man, because if she's clingy and hugging on him, thats a DEF sign that she's a sleaze and wouldn't hesitate to step in if you 2 were fighting and try to steal him back. But if she seems friendly to you, especially... since you are his wife and having his child, then she is good-hearted and 99% won't be attempting to steal him away from you. Lastly, maybe have a 1-on-1 with her to get some details about their friendship before he went away... bc girl-to-girl talk is a lot different than guy-to-girl talk, even if he is your husband... some details may be left out, bc lets face it... women are usually the best at remembering all the little details. Best of luck to you & I hope you have a safe pregnancy :)

There's nothing wrong with them being friends as long as he sets the boundaries for her. My bf has a female best friend and it so happens that we all work together. I sent him some flowers one day and she happened to be there (he wasnt) so she signed for the flowers, read the card, and then called him on the phone to relay the message. I was PISSED. He set her straight though and thats what your husband needs to do with his friend.

miri 007
ohhhh well it's fine if they as just friends as long as they don't talk much. but i can see why you worry... it's normal to get jealous i do when my boyfriend talks to girls but don't bother him about it. let him have his friend. best Friends always have something to say Hun. find some ways to get him to not talk to her every day but very saddle so he won't know that you don't want her to talk to her.

why are you worried that she would step out of her bounds? you are being judgemental and that's not fair. i dont think you should be worried like you are jus yet as for what you have said so far isnt no reason for you to be paranoid. i think you are over reacting. give it a rest if things get out of hand, then you should bring it to his attention

You seem a very reasonable person to me. Talk to him about how you feel. It's the only way to find out. I would probably feel the same in your shoes and that is how i would deal with it. Take care.

*never give up*
my husbands best friend is a woman too. i love her to peices. theyve known each other forever. as long as he respects me, then i dont have a problem with it. (ie, no sleepovers etc lol)

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