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Should my wife pay half the bills?
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Should my wife pay half the bills?

Hey me and my wife are having some marital problems and now my job is a little slow and i cant pay for everything anymore.I spoke to her and she freaked out saying i do help she pays the pseg bill and the cable i said thats not enough.S am i wrong for asking for help oh and by the way i paid 5,000 for her to go to school to make the money she does now what should i do?

Your not wrong. she should have to pay half of everything. and if she has her own account then get our own account. Pay you bills thats it my friend if she is not wanting to meet you half way then you will see that she is wanting to be kept and that could cause problems.

It's Her Again!!
Separate accounts and separate bills are horrible for a marriage. You are one and so should your finances be. Each of you should deposit your pay into one account. All of the bills get paid, and some goes to savings. Whatever is left is there for the two of you to enjoy.
Since you keep everything apart, it's no wonder you are having marital difficulties.
Join your lives and your hearts and things will be easier for both of you.

Money problems often underscore more subtle problems in a marriage. If your wife is not willing to pool your funds to take care of all expenses, she may be feeling insecure in the marriage on the whole. You need to assess the underlying problems.

ur wife is a cow...dump her and find somebody decent

both should be paying the bills. I make more than my husband does, but both our money goes for all the bills. Once the bills have been taken care of, any money left over is used for stuff that we want (not necessarily need). I don't see any reason why she can't help you pay the bills!

Green Eyed Girl
It should always be equal, hard times or not.

Put all funds in one bank account, and after you both agree to the budget, let her manage it. It appears she'll do a hellava job for you both! ;)

if you don't know already, tally up all your joint monthly expenses; rent, food, water and power, etc. divide that in half and both of you put in that amount. whatever is left over on either one of your sides is up to your individual discretion. that way, bills aren't divided up as to who pays what and why. you both contribute to the "joint" fund, and you both pay your bills. enough said.

Freedle S
Is your car big enough to live in? That is an alternative to sleeping in the street I guess.


here's my viewpoint (i'm a woman & i'm married). When you are in a marriage. You are in it TOGETHER. So I would make her pay some, especially if your job is slow. Tell her that if she don't pay than she will have to sell some of her clothes! HAHAH! Also, remind her that you pay for everything including her college tuition & that you are only asking her to pay a few bills not all of them. She will understand. If not, you may need to get a new wife! NO Just kidding! Good Luck!

She should absolutely help.

Marriages are for better or worse. You are hitting a rough spot in your life with work being slow. She needs to step up her game. If she were in that spot, you would need to step up your game. That's what a husband and a wife do for each other.

I really dont' know what to tell you other than talking to her calmly. Give her a budget that you think will be good for the household and that you should all stick to. Maybe that'll help get her in the mood of being equal.

She should pay for more than half. Simple economics.
I can't stand greedy women. Sorry.

marriages are a comprimise. bills should be a 50/50 thing. if ur married than how she got the money to go to school should be kept out of any arguement. sorry

Mhh, in a committed relationship, especially a marriage, you both help out when times get rough. That doesn't necessarily mean you have to have joint checking accounts, etc. But she should step up to the plate and help out if she can afford to. If you guys don't pay the rent/mortgage, she, too, will be out on the streets! In my personal opinion, you shouldn't even have to ask for help - it should be a given.

i don't know why she wouldn't be volunteering to help pay the bills... they are her bills too! crazy... we take care of each other...

she should help a little more it's suppose to be 50/50

If you're married, your money and your bills should be shared. She's not being a good wife, sorry. It's selfish, and selfishness doesn't work in a marriage. She should help.

It really drives me crazy when married people dont' realize they're MARRIED! You're not roommates. When you get married it's no longer "your money" and "my money." It's "our money." So instead of splitting everything in half and keeping tabs on who pays how much of what and who makes how much more, put your money TOGETHER and pay the bills you SHARE as a COUPLE.

You two need financial counseling. You had better get it. There should be a checking account with both of your names on it to pay household bills! Both should be putting in most of the paychecks into this account!! Each of you should save a small allowance from your pay checks and the rest goes into that account for HOUSEHOLD BILLS!!

taylor and aaliyah's mommy
if she is working and is making money herself then i don't know why it wold be a problem with helping.. its a marriage and when someone needs help you help them and pull your own weight when needed. for better or for worse.. you gotta be there for each other. and she needs to help you like you've been helping her

Okay if you are married you should have your money and her money if both of your guy's money. Combine it and it doesn't mean she only has to share but you both do. Put your money in the same account and give each other a budget for the month. Work on it together so it is fair.

dinny's engaged!!
it's a marriage--a 50/50 partnership. She should pitch in if she needs to to stay out of debt.

She should understand if things are tough moneywise. Depending on how much she earns she should put what she can afford to it if its not much. You need to talk to her, is it just the money thats bothering you tho?

While you are both in a slump, you both contribute as much as you can. If one of you is weak, the other compensates. This goes for everything! Your wife is selfish, but I want to know why you keep your money seperate. My husband and I have a joint account, a budget, and allow a fair amount of spending money for the both of us. This way the bills get paid and neither one of us makes a major purchase without talking about it first. You need to stop keeping score. You helped her with school because you wanted to---probably not fair or a good idea to hold that over her head. I do agree that she should be kicking in to the household bills while times are tough, and always.

yeah she should help out by paying especially if you paid for her schooling

sissy k
It is both parties responsibility to make sure everything is taken care of. Marriage is a partnership, when one partner is a little weak the other should be strong.

As long as you have half the pregnancies. j/k

This is the deal, I feel once you are married, money is joint for paying bills as long as the parties are not squandering money. If you are married, you should sit down and plan a budget. Some people squander and some spend like there is no tomorrow. Money is a big factor in a marriage and the cause of many fights and divorces. In this day & age, overall...men usually earn more than women. This affects the soc. security checks down the road for the women. Like I stayed home to raise children and now I need a better education and career to get my soc. sec. fund up to par w/my husbands. Life is about choices so plan ahead for your retirements.

Visit a financial planner and get on the same page. If you two can't agree on money, then you might need separate accounts and handle things like roomies. Not the greatest idea, but that's how some choose to live. You both need to decide how it should be so there are no hidden resentments which carry over to other areas of your marriage. Talk!

She should help out when times are tough. Period.

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