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What are some signs your boyfriend wants to marry you or is going to ask you?? lots of answers please :)?
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What are some signs your boyfriend wants to marry you or is going to ask you?? lots of answers please :)?

What are some signs your boyfriend wants to ask you or is going to ask you to marry him??

1) If he starts talking a lot about marriage, says that he wants to get married, asks questions about where you would live etc when you get married, tells you that he is ready to get married now, goes ring shopping with you, etc. Some guys will actually say outright that they're ready to get married before they propose. 2) If he proposes. Some guys don't tell you they are going to ask you until they do ask you. Until then, I would ask him how he feels about the issue and then listen to his answer and take it at face value. You will also be listening for two parts: 1) Are you the one he wants to marry? 2) Is he ready to get married now? Those are two different things.

Not long before he asks he will seem more loving, he will talk a lot about the future, he will seem nervous, he will ask questions he has never asked before. he will confirm your love for him too. It will seem like he is hiding something, because they get nervous when they are trying to plan it out. It is ok to hope for the day that he asks you to marry him, but don't get your hopes up every time a special day comes around that he is going to ask. So many times people think it will be at Christmas or New years, and when it doesn't happen, they are broken hearted. So just be patient and hopefully it happens sooner than later.

he kinda acts nervous,

"what's your ring size?" "what kind of ring would you want?" "let's go look at rings!" I guess my ex was straightfoward... turns out he dumps me before we ever got married though. I still wear the ring on the opposite hand cause it's a beautiful ring and I feel I earned it. ( I guess he did too because he didn't want it back!)

Timmy Lion
he asks you to move in with you. he invites you to dinner,,, and it seems... different he.. asks you to marry him never jump to conclutions nothing will scare away a man faster then a girl moving too fast for him. guys and commitment = do not mix

Franco III
First he will ask you to move in with him. He has to try you out first, then after 8 years, he will give you a ring. Then, after another 7 years, he will break up with you...!

Poopsie Mellish
For me it wasn't an engagement ring at first, it was when he put me in his will and put our home with my name on it and the ring came later.

He will start talking about more long term things such as buying a house together, having a baby, being together forever, etc. He will just start to sound much more interested in your future together.

it's called 'will you marry me?' If you don't hear that, he doesn't want to marry you.

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