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What can I do to show my wife how much I Love her?
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What can I do to show my wife how much I Love her?

I'm a man who seems to be very argumentative and never shows my wife the respect that she deserves. When an argument happens i just become a total nightmare, I don't mean to it just happens. It's not until long into the argument that i seem to come around to myself a bit and regret what has happened. I want t be a good husband and show my wife that she means the world to me. What would be the best thing to do.?

jackie m
One of your other answers said show her this post, that is the best idea there is, tell her that you don't know how to show her how much you love her and you asked yahoo questions and then show this to her including all your answers. Good luck, always tell her you love her.

Peter all married couples have arguments and we all say things that perhaps we should,nt ?? At least you know that you maybe go too far and regret this !! So long as she hears those words I,m Sorry that's all it takes She is probably used to the way you are by now ?

The first thing I would suggest is to self-reflect. Take a look at yourself and really figure out what makes you feel so angry. Are you not happy? Whether it be in your relationship, your past, your finances...something causes you to be unhappy and in turn you let it out when you argue with your wife. I had a problem with being angry that I'm currently working on still. It takes time for you to become more easy going in stressful situations. I usually easy going, but when a stressful situation would come up, I would blow up. It's not cool, if you could see yourself in 3rd person, you would see how ugly you really look. I'm starting to realize that it's not worth it to get so angry in life, to be more patient, and walk away or give yourself time before you react to something that bothers you. It will just make you a better person. The Bible speaks against anger and tells us that a fool becomes angry quickly. I don't care to be a fool, so I work on my patience daily today. You have to start in your mind and begin to change your thoughts. Take the negative thoughts that come to your mind and find a way to deal with them, instead of letting them take over your emotions which then in turn turn into actions. My counselor told me that the brain is split into 2 sections - the emotional side and the logical side. When you react with anger and argue, you are using your emotional side. Take time before you react and think so that you are using you logical side of your brain. These 2 can not work at the same time, therefore choose to think before you speak or act. You definitely don't want your wife to leave you one day, or look for love elsewhere because of the way you treat her. There's no way better to show her that you love her than by your actions. Sure, you could buy her things or plan a vacation or something, but ultimately she is going to appreciate the way you treat her as opposed to what you buy for her. So, the next time a situation comes up where you catch yourself about to argue, remind yourself of what I'm telling you. It's a process to change your thoughts and ways, but in the long run it will be a challenge that you overcame and you will be proud of yourself. Not only that, hopefully your wife will still be around and she will love you so much more. Please listen to me because when it's too late, then your life will drastically change and you may have some aching regrets. I really sincerely hope that everything works out for you. I know what it's like. Be strong, be determined to change for yourself so that your change effects every area of your life in a positive way. God Bless you.

Learn how to bite your lip and let things go its really there are so many really important things in life to fight over pretty much if its not going to make you want a divorce let it go and agree to disagree we all dont think the same so learn to compromise and the same for your spouse she will follow your lead but you have to do it first. When you do argue the second you start to raise you voice you need to just say I am really hot Im going to cool down and will discuss this later go for a walk and think over what you are really arguing about 1st then in a calm way go back and finish the discussion now you have thought it through. Validate her feelings and she will learn to with you as well. respect each other dont judge your spouse we all have our faults and we dont need the ones closes to us to bring them up on a daily basis to make us feel crappy, Help her out if she is making dinner maybe wash a dish or two, and help put things away you know things you might help your friend with or you grandmother just because you felt like being nice, think of your wife the same way she is supposed to be your best friend you partner isn't that why you married her? (Respect, Compassion and Love show it and it will come to you

1. Learn to bite your tongue. Walk away when you start to feel like yelling until you learn not to yell. Be sure and tell your wife that this is your intention, and you're not just walking away from her...tell her when you aren't arguing. 2. Tell her you're sorry for your past actions and are trying to improve. 3. Buy her some flowers, at random times, for no reason. 4. Tell her you love her and are appreciative for what she does and for accepting you as you are.

Please seek help, see a therapist if you have to. There is nothing more hurtful to a woman than receiving no respects from the person she chose to spend life with. I think if you really want to show her how much you love her, then change make an effort and show her that you are changing. Dont murder the love between you and just remember how much she has tolerated with you.

Chance Takers
Tell her you are sorry. And seriously start picking your battles. Personally, I would recommend let her have her way more often than not....emotionally it probably matters more to her than it does to you.

you sound like you may be on the defence, you need to calm down and think before you speak. if that don't work may be you need to go into a anger management session. you may be thinking too fast for what is going on and are getting the wrong information from what your wife is saying or how she is saying it, just calm down and listen

Rock, Paper, Scissors
Don't call her any names or raise your voice at her. Plan a nice dinner as a surprise. You guys need some romance. Take off the boxing gloves and do plan something unexpected. Now here's the important part, you have to do this every once in a while. DOn't expect things to improve if you only do it once. Maker her feel important. Tell her you love her at least once a day. Despite what many men think, we aren't too difficult to please. Just don't be mean to us, show us respect and make us feel special every now and then. She will please you in bed if you treat her right. Write a nice love note and slip it into her purse every now and then. It's easy, just use your imagination. Women love to feel important and loved. Wash the dishes one night, and if you ever feel like yelling at her, just kiss her instead.

Don't argue in the first place. You can choose not to argue. Instead, hold negotiations and have discussions.

tell her exactly what you have written here. explain to her that you are aware that you are doing & for her advice on how to stop. Maybe you could have a code word like , bacon. She could say it if you are having an argument & you are getting out of hand. If you immediately start to calm down, you'll prove to her that you are making an effort. In time you'll hopefully stop altogether. (Apart from the normal healthy arguing lol )

When you come around to yourself after an argument, why don't you ask your wife to voice her opinion and listen without interrupting her. This way she will have her say and then you can discuss with her how you two can solve the problem.

Show her this post, meaning what you wrote in your question.

Take it or leave it!
Toss her salad a.k.a Lick her butt hole LMAO Syrup or jelly?

Samantha Winkles
well for starters tell her all of that. Just give her a night every few weeks or as often as u think that u tell her how much she means to u and maybe take her somewhere nice.

Make an effort to change your behavior. With a therapist, if necessary.

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