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What can I expect when I go to court for a DVP (Domestic Violence Petition) I filed against my ex?
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What can I expect when I go to court for a DVP (Domestic Violence Petition) I filed against my ex?

I am pregnant with his child, but he is abusive and stalks me at all hours and calls up to 250 times a day. Thank you.

Boy, this is a hard one to answer! This is one place in our judicial system that is not fair at all! Domestic Violence! Something MORE should be done about it. The only thing you can do is get a p.p.o. against him, that he can't come within 300 feet from you, but this is where the law fails us women! A lot are already killed "before" a policeman can get there because of this! Get a person very mad, and they are going to go berserk, and doesn't care "what" they do, till afterwards, then its too late! I don't even know why I am here, because I really "feel" for you because I don't "know" the answer to this! ppo is the same as DVP. How is a piece of paper going to protect you? 250 times a day???? Have you tried a private number? Plus if he calls that much, the phone service you have will put a tap on your phone, I really don't know what they will do with him when he's caught, but I do know they hate to do this, you have to give them times when he calls, write all this stuff down for about two weeks, or at least that is how it used to be. Just for them to get a "pattern". I don't think they need a "pattern" on him! I would try some bluffing, plus let "everyone" you know what is going on, have some stay all night with you, never get in a "set" schedule for him to go by. This man is a sicko, and needs help, but sometimes that comes too late for them and the victim. Bug the heck out of the police department, surely as many times as he does this, they can get him for it. I know I am not much help, but I hope this helps you some. Do NOT count on that PETITION! Go to an attorney and see what can be done. Move as far away from him as you can, and try to get his parental rights taken away from him, because after the baby is born, it is going to worse after that, then you will have to worry about him taking the baby. I am REALLY concerned for you and wish you would go to the extent of the law to get this taken care of, because the paper won't. My stepson and his wife had one against one another, but that didn't stop him from breaking in and beating her, having someone else break in and RAPE her. Please get more help than this paper, I implore you. Judy C

Dog Rescuer
1. Call the phone company and Change your phone number today!!!!! 2. You also want to ask the court for a restraining order on your husband to keep him away from you. VERY IMPORTANT:.Do NOT leave the court house with out one in your hands!!!!.... 3. You need to know where the battered spouses clinic is.....They will share with you the different ways to notify 911 if your x husband to be gets too close to you and aggressive.. (He will have to stay away from you and if he doesn't he can be thrown in jail.)..... Stay safe and get a plan in place and signals with your family and friends if your husband has shown up so they can call the police.... Good Luck

You can expect some seemingly tough treatment at first. This is not meant as doubt but, rather, as "tough love" in a way. Get a lawyer - at least a pro bono one. Dont go through this alone.

ask your legal representative on what the court procedure is or ring women's aid for the information good luck

A witness of all that would be helpful, try it's not a relative, better a neighbor. Try to take with you specific proofs about you are claiming, like pictures of hurts or broken things. You made theright desicion to stop domestic violence. From an ex-violent husband.

Lela A
make sure every call and every incident he has done to you is documented, any witnesses, any physcial injuries with medical reports, any police reports should all go with you to court and of course the fact that you are pregnant with his child, the unborn child's safety

They'll give you some kind of paper that says something about him staying THIS MANY feet away from you restraining order or something like that. u wont be blamed for anything , it will all be on him .. they go easy on u when ur the victim. try really hard to convince them that ur doing all this for the baby and urself.

coyote' mom
good for you for getting out! i don't know what u should expect but i think you are an extremly strong woman for leaving. GOOD LUCK to you !!!


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