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What do I Do if my wife does not come home or call after going out with her friends? ?
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What do I Do if my wife does not come home or call after going out with her friends? ?

she whent out after work spurr of the moment because a friend of a friend had an extra ticket to a concert. she was suposed to call me when she got there. now at 9:25 the next day still no contact. this is not the first time she did something like this.

don't violate me bro
are you late for work? call her cell, leave a message and better get going. if she is hurt or dead, PD will find you at work, if she is cheating or hooking up backstage with Poison, today's pay can go toward new luggage for her move.

infinite crisis 247
your wife went to a concert and 9 am the next day you have still not heard from her? this is not her first time doing this either? this is completely unacceptable and you need to let her know this. something in you must be making her believe that this is ok for her to act like this. well, it's time to change the playbook. when she gets home, tell her what you are feeling. i wouldn't scream, yell, or accuse. simply tell her that you are upset and why you are upset. if she seems flippant or nonchalant, i would wait a few weeks and then do the same thing to her. see how she likes it. her reaction will be very telling. if she cares about the marriage, she will start to come around. i'm thinking that she doesn't though...in which case she won't care. i'm also wondering if that "spur of the moment" concert was for real or not. is there any way that you can verify her story? you sure that she's not sleeping around?

Well first I would be alittle upset that this is not the first time that she has done this. Once she gets home I would sit down and have a long chat with her. i would tell her that you dont appreciate or think its fair for her to go out and not call or come home at a decent hour. Tell her how much you care about her and that you dont want to keep thinking that something seriously could be wrong. Let her understand how she would feel if you did the same thing. Just sit down and talk to her. gl! and hope that she comes home soon!

she sounds like she doesnt respect you, you need to consider leaving..

That is completely unacceptable. Clearly you do not have any control or power over the relationship whatsoever. She seems as if she does what she wants..when she wants..and how she wants. That is no kind of relationship...and you don't deserve it. She's walking all over you and her behavior as a wife is hardly a good one. Any wife or even girl friend would know that. You need to put your foot down. Explain to her exactly what she's doing is completely out of line. She's a woman first of all...and she doesn't need to be running the streets with her friends and completely being inconsiderate and not even calling you. She has no excuse (unless something bad has happened). But since you say this isn't the first time....you shouldn't have to keep on dealing with this. You're a man...you need to take control....not be controlling...but take control of this situation ..because what she's doing is wrong. You need to consider other options of actually being with this woman...because she doesn't seem to care for you...who knows what she's doing out overnight anyway? She could be in another man's bed at this very moment.

Rhonda F
Its time for a talk, One of the first lesson's I learned in my marriage is wife's and husband should not do all nighters! Have a talk with her and then start giving her a reason to come home and say no to going out with friends, Get creative to wooo her back home, at the same time ask her how she would have felt if it had been you, and if you have done this to her, then it is her way of a pay back. Rhonda

Perhaps the "friend of a friend" was two or three guys, and she is busy paying them back. cheers

tish b
do not jump to conclusions she probably does it for a littlte bit of time to herself although its not good behaviour when she returns you need to explain exactly how this has made you feel and talk about why she does this and how she would feel if you had done this to her and i hope your feeling ok yourself

I'd be wicked worried...WTF? Mutual respect - I'd lay into her about that when she gets home - or shortly thereafter. I mean how are you to know she wasn't laying dead on the highway or something? I never have an issue with my spouse going out, but I do like to know that he's made it home/to his destination safely. Same goes for me when I go out...

Killer Queen
Extremely rude and inconsiderate! Anything could have happened to her and how would you know? If anything did happen the first thing you would have to tell the police is that she has done this many times before. They would not give much time to searching for her. Has she even thought about how worried you are when she does that??? I think it's time for a serious talk. She's not single anymore. Commitment means you care about the other person's feelings. I would ask her one more time to call you when she is so late she has to spend the night at a friend's. Someone has to have a phone that works. Get a car charger. She can drive to an area with more bars. And also tell her if she doesn't then that means she is giving you an answer that she doesn't care about you. And you will act on that answer.

if it's not her first time doing something like this, then she must be under the impression that you are okay with it. the only way to let her know that you're not okay with it is to tell her.

Maybe the concert is still going on.

don't stress it, she may be have no bars on her phone, or a dead cell. She could be crashing at a buddies or a hotel. No worries just yet.

Do not tolerate it. I'd leave!!

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