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What do u do if u r married and U fall in love with someone else?
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What do u do if u r married and U fall in love with someone else?

if it's really love, then explain it to your husband. but if it's because your husband is no longer attractive, you should be ashamed of yourself. and in time all people become unattractive, even the guy you're carrying on with

If this happened to you--Im sorry tough decision. I say leave ur husband and go with this guy---but dont jump into one thing b-4 ending the other cuz u will just hurt one of them.

Knowledge Seeker
First of all, ignore the other poster that said "determine if it is true love". Slow down and take an honest look at your situation.

It may be infatuation or obsessive behavior on your part. Especially if it involves e-mails and/or chat. There is something overwhelming powerful about the written word that seems to evoke stronger emotions than just "real world" love. Maybe because you can replay the written words over and over and over again in a way that you can't in spoken dialog.

Next, I'd suggest you diagnose what is going on with the relationship with your spouse. I don't think you'll fall in love with someone else easily if there isn't something missing or dysfunctional in your current relationship.

Based on personal experience, I'd suggest reading the book "Why Marriages Succeed or Fail and How to Make Yours Last". This book may help you understand what's going on in your current relationship. Not understanding it may cause you to simply repeat problems in your next relationship.

Finally, I'd recommend that you decide whether you are really ready to deal with all of the ramifications of leaving your current spouse. If you are really ready to leave them, then and only then leave them. Then worry about the next relationship. Do not complicate things by trying to do too many things at once. It can really end up with confused experiences.

Basically, there are 2 ways of looking at it:

1.) Reevaluate your marriage and decide if its worth maintaining and staying in for life and even with children. Ask yourself if your partner has maintained his/her promise. If they haven't, then they're not for you anyway. If you decide this person has not kept their promise to you, then see your way out, and move on.

2.) That's part of marriage! Part of marriage is making the decision that regardless of who might come your way, you are still making a COMMITTMENT to this person to have and hold for enternity. In marriage you might always see someone better looking, better life experience, better education, better WHATEVER, but you made a promise.

get a divorce

wait..i came back to read this..and your additional note says your husband has HIV? How is that? Did you test yourself.. and how did he get it?.. I'm not sure if I should retract my answer or not.. but if there is no love.. Divorce..but to divorce for another guy who's married?.. hmm.. bad reason.. no solid committment there either..God Bless..

I would say get out of the loveless marriage and go be with the other person. Pretty simple answer.

You should never have put yourself in a position to fall in love with another person. If you love your spouse, you know that the love position is taken. If you don't, you might just be projecting love onto this other person as an excuse to get out of your marriage. Think this through, especially if there are kids involved.

get Divorce

ooooo bad dilemma! I think if you really don't luv ur husband/wife anymore, then you leave her. But if you are in luv with your husband/wife still, you stay with her. it is that simple.

stay with ur married wife what wrong with you? The person you married you made a commmitment and if you knew you didn't love her that much why did you marry her?

Find out why you fell in love (like what attracts you) with this other person and see if you can incorporate this into your marriage and make your marriage better

see if its true love. if it is get a divorce and be with the other person

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