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What drives a man to leave his wife after 32 years or so?
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What drives a man to leave his wife after 32 years or so?

I'm aware of the younger model theory. Is it as simple as that?

After 32 years maybe the wife should take a look at herself and see if she wants to spend the rest of her life with someone with so little stamina and commitment. Get out there and enjoy your life, you have done your stint as a wife now enjoy !

Some young tart, usually.

☆☆♥☆☆ ☆αℓℓ☆ ☆gσσ∂☆ ☆Thiηgs☆☆
The grass is always greener on the other side.

Growing apart, losing that feeling you felt for one another so long ago. Marriage is a growing thing and you have to feed it everyday, or it will die. And it works both ways, women leave their husband too, for the very same reason. If your are going to leave why not go for something younger?

mrs g4
Well, my husband of 24 years left me for an older, uglier, and stupider woman. But she was "new", and didn't know all of his bad habits & behaviors. It's easier to accept those kinds of things early in a relationship...it's LATER that the "endearing" quirks turn into "annoying" habits.

No More
I think a lot of it has to do with mortality. A person realizes that they are not 25 anymore, maybe the kids have grown and left, he is unhappy and says to himself.... "I am not spending my life living like this anymore".... Midlife crisis hits at 40.... this crisis hits at about 55, when you realize that you might only have 20 years left before age really hits... strokes, broken bones, heart attacks... You only get one chance and a lot of me right the ship and sail on.

Awesome Amy
It could be many things. A lot of people grow apart as lift goes on and you no longer share the same interests as you did once before. It could be another woman, or these days a man. He may just be bored and unhappy with himself. Try asking him if you love him and want to stay with him and maybe its just something you need to work on together.

Either he has fallen in love with someone else or he's not happy any more!

Howard L
He never really liked her but stuck it because of the children or until he could financially afford to get get rid of her. I got rid of her the day after I sent out my last college tuition check. There was no other woman at all at the time.

Pretty much, yeah it can be that simple. If she's unpleasant , has let her looks go to hell and makes getting laid a more trouble than it's worth , a trade in/up is certainly a reasonable option.


Usually a mid-life crisis. They need to prove they still got it.

Nutmeg Steele
Probably he wants some excitement, is bored with his old wife, wants someone younger/thinner/prettier.

the wind
u either grow together r u grow apart !

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