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What is a "right fighter"?
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What is a "right fighter"?

The other day, dr. phil referred to one of the guests on his show whom was having marital troubles as a "right-fighter" what exactly do you suppose he meant by this?

punxsutawney phil
In a street fight, it's the guy you are standing to the left of.

It means they must always be right. They want to be right instead of happy. They think they are always right no matter what. In a marriage, that type of attitude doesn't work. ou have to let sometihng slide and realize there are more thatn one way to do things and your way isn't always the right way and you have to compromise

Its a person who absolutely HAS to "win" an argument...regardless of whether they actually ARE right.

I am not sure, but my best guess is that it is someone who places high value on being right all of the time and belittles/ picks fights with spouse all the time about being right. As you may know, Dr. Phil emphasizes that there are more important things than being right all of the time, like showing humility and being loving.

A "right fighter" is someone who fights right during a fight. that means that you stick to the subject, and don't get personal, or call names or the like. YOu don't black-bag things. For instance, a right-fighter would never tell you that you are an idiot for watching Dr. Phil.

Nandina (Bunny Slipper Goddess)
http://www.selfgrowth.com/articles/Byler1.html A right-fighter is someone who struggles to win arguments, even if they doubt their own view. A right-fighter is someone who gets overly emotional or angry when people do not agree with them and their opinions or beliefs. A right-fighter is someone who insists on having the last word in an argument or refuses to back down no matter what.

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