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What is considered a serious verbal threat to ones life?
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What is considered a serious verbal threat to ones life?

If a married man says this to his wife "Your more valuable to me dead than alive" Is that considered a serious threat to her life? He has said this more than 3 times in the past 8 months. The question here is not about the insurance or divorce as much as the seriousness of the actual threat as seen by the law.

yep its a big red flag

This is not funny. People murder their spouses for money ALL the time. Often they get away with it. Be very careful.

Nancy M.
What the man has said to his wife is verbal abuse and if my husband said that to me I would take it very seriously. If this is what you are going through then you need to get out as soon as possible. My ex husband also threatened to end my life many times. He also had threatened to kill my son and I had to call the police on him. He got into trouble for threatening me. Thank God we are now divorced.

Venus B
kill the man before he kills you

Evan J

Sounds Painful
Umm, yeah, he shouldn't be her "primary beneficiary" on her life insurance anymore. It's a pretty simple change to make. This woman needs to change it now.

and you haven't left him why?

I'd definitely take his name off the life insurance and let him know it's off while at the same time filing for divorce. That's just creepy.

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