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What is my husband trying to do to me is he mentally abusing me ?
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What is my husband trying to do to me is he mentally abusing me ?

He starts bugging me and I ask him to stop he continues I start getting angry and ask to stop he continues to poke me I say enough he wont stop... Than I ask him to leave me alone he leaves and grabs the baby and continues to bother me... I start pushing him out and he is like why are you pushing me... he is trying to make me yell in-front of our 11 month old.. why is he doing this? I kept my cool but he really got me on the edge to react poorly... He left the baby again in the play pan and said im leaving grabbed his stuff and left... What is going on? is this a mental abuse? Another thing when I was pushing out the bedroom door he was holding the baby he kept making hard for me to push him out and than put his foot on the door... I was like omg! I try not to snap or get angry in front of my baby but it was very had tonight... Nope he knew how angry I was he was trying very hard to make me snap in front of our baby girl so later I feel bad about screaming and stuff in front of her

I don't want to say that your husband is mentally abusing you.This one is a tricky one for me. So I asked my husband and he said you ought to start poking him back and annoying him, Now, my opinion. When I was 13 there used to be this boy who lived down the road from me. He was always doing things to me that would aggravate me on end!!!! Messing with my hair, coming up behind me unawares, poking me, just to name a few. I would get soooo mad. The more I would tell him to stop the worse it seemed he got! Now, of coure, I know that was his way of flirting with me. Now, I don't know about your husband, but it may be that he is just one of those people that like to aggravate the fire out of you. One thing is he really doesn't need to be holding the baby when he's doing this and when he is walk away or even better yet, go and sit down and start doing something like singing, watching TV, reading a book, anyhting to make it appear that you are not paying him any attention. You didn't say wether you two have talked about this. If you haven't you really need to. Just let him know how it makes you feel and you want it to stop. Maybe he thinks your cute when your angry. Maybe he's bored and is trying to get some attention. Just ask him why he feels he needs to do this. After you talk with him and tell him how badly this bothers you and why he does it and to please stop, then if he keepps doing it, it's your call . I just wonder what he would do if you started acting like you liked it???? Maybe it might work.

Its def. a form of abuse & becoming more & more common. He's a sick man. If you continue to be with him, it only gets worse. Once the baby gets older, he will get her/him involved, and act as if he's being playful, so you will always look like the crazy one. Physically Blocking You, grabbing or poking you, all w/ a smile on his face sounds innocent enough until you Actually Go Through It. Not only is it a total lack of Respect, it is most certainly a form of Abuse.

A pan is no place to leave a baby to play. You're right. Leave this psycho.

Sounds like he wants some positive attention from you. Perhaps he feels negative attention is better than what he's getting.

He sounds young or childish. My husband does little things to annoy me sometimes, similar to what you're saying... he seems to think I'm cute when I'm angry. However, he has no idea how close he is to catching a left hook Lol (just kidding) But seriously... he might not have realized how much it angers you. At least that's one of my husband's excuse. I don't think it's emotional abuse though... Just annoying as hell. I understand what you're saying though. When my husband gets in his "playful moods", I feel about ready to snap.

Take it or leave it!
If I was in your shoes I would have been so happy when he left! He sounds annoying!

He is a child who can't explain he wants your attention. I take it the baby isn't that old. you can't control other people just yourself, so stop pushing him or complaing. Leave the room.

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