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What legally should I do If I suspect my ex wife is trying to turn my child against me?
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What legally should I do If I suspect my ex wife is trying to turn my child against me?

My todler behaves strangely when I pick him up from his moms and take him home. Looks down and mood turns somber. He behaves normal around me but doesn't want me to take him back home, he begins to cry and yells no mommy. I swear I don't say anything negative toward her only that he must go back and try to cheer him up. Can anybody give me their views on what might be going on? Or what I should do?

you need to re-read the signals he is sending you. I am a foster parent of abused kids. This sounds for all the world like there is something going on at home (with mom) that ought not be happening. IMMEDIATLY starte documenting his behavior. Get witnesses. have a friend with you when you go to drop him off.look him over carefully for bruises, any marks at all that may indicate injury of uncommon nature...you can do this at bath time. How old is he? try to get him to articulate WHY he doesn't want mommy...cos normally, mommy is any small childs world. You said he behaves strangely...Define? details, details, details. As well, my brother is a cop, has removed some of the kids he is foster father to from the homes they were being abused in. any info you can send will be helpful. DO NOT FLY OFF THE HANDLE just yet....allllll the details need to be sorted out, such as your ex's temper, would she do any thing to your son as a wierd way of getting back at you...email me, my addy is in my profile. WIth enough info and details, I can better reccomend what you need to do. Procedureally, if there is evidence of abuse,this is a Minotaurs Maze, so NO MISSTEP can be tolerated. look foreward to hearing from you.

if the kid is saying no mommy the woman is obviously abusing him. file a report it could save you childs life if not that then like 50,0000 in counseling

Sounds serious! You should talk to your ex and let her know that what ever she is telling your toddler is only hurting the child and not you!! She sounds like she has some serious problems(if she is doing this) I will pray for your situation, but please talk to her and see if that will work. If not then try gaining full custody(if she is unfit) Most important, remember your child is only a baby.. He has gone through allot(not having mommy and daddy in the same house) good luck!

Toddlers need structure and a schedule. Most toddlers find it difficult to change houses, etc...If you can both get past the anger to speak then try to coordinate his schedule. What does he do on the days you don't have him, how does his day go...The closer you keep to his normal schedule and normal life the better he is. To start legal proceedings now...A child can feel that. A child can feel your stress. I don't like my ex, but I do every damn thing I can do for my toddler to feel comfy. I send her lunches..I keep him updated..he never asks, but I do what I can. You have to go past the hurt and pride and do what is right for your child..or else..it is on your head.

try to get the child in counseling, even at a young age. The therapist can help the child as well as you and your ex to work things out that wont be harmful for the child.

that child is young and therefore i am sure shes not saying nothing to the baby. you can't do this to him. you need to each give love and just say good things about each other you keep your problems to yourselfs and let him grow. right now hes confused hes too young to understand why you are not with each other. its hard on him but its best because if you lived to gether there would be so much friction. just be patient and he'll grow up and be ok just make it ok for him take care.

Kristy T
kids are highly perceptive in their formative years. perhaps he senses some of the tension going on. you could take him to a therapist, who specializes in children. maybe there is abuse going on or maybe it is nothing... i wish you the best in finding this out.

That sounds like Normal Toddler Behavior..nothing sounds out of the sorts.

Don't get legal advise from here!

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