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What should I do when I find out my boyfriend is married and i had no idea?
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What should I do when I find out my boyfriend is married and i had no idea?


What should I do? You already know the answer and I know it hurts. But put yourself in his wife's shoes. If you were her, how would you feel?...the same as you do now...but she has some sayso..you don't. You deserve better and so does she. If he hides this so smoothly, he could sweet talk you and her and others easily. He's selfish and you are being used. The quicker you dump him..he knows you are gullible so watch out. ...the better for you and her. No telling what kind of diseases he has.

phew i hope by the time you read this you will have come to your senses and dumped him

You shouldn't tell him that you know. Start dating other people. Let him hang himself in everything he say and do. You will know the low life creep you have gotten involved with on his level. Let him show you who he is. Start a folder and print out every text he sends you. Take plenty of pictures and spend his money. Spend his money some more. Start dating some more people. When you get sick of his as lying, mail the wife the folder of evidence. You should have dinner with him and tell him you don't think this is working. Tell him you just have a feeling something ain't right. Tell him to go home and be with his wife because you know he is married. Get a doggy bag for the rest of your dinner and wish him good luck. Flag a cab for the get away ride. Stay with relatives for a few days for your own safety. Good luck and Smooches to you.

he's not your boyfriend then - he's HER husband!!!!! Obviously you should leave him and move on to someone NOT MARRIED It's a sad day when you have to ask someone you meet if they are married or have an STD because they certainly don't share this kind of information with their partners anymore!!!!

Well more details would have been good. I mean is he married and actually living with her, or is he separated, but not yet divorced?? There is a big difference there. The fact that he didn't tell you is a problem either way though, because if he is already hiding things it's not a good sign. If he is actively in his marriage then of course you need to leave him asap, but if he is separated pending a divorce, then you need to focus on why he didn't share this with you.

first thing is to feel how stupid ur for not knowing ur boyfrnd so well and second things dump that bf that guy was totally lying he was enjoying two girls he was cheating y too give second thought dump him and love someone who truely loves u

Shar B
First of all, let yourself off the hook. He is the guilty party here; not you. Next, find out if he's married but separated. Or, go a little further and find out from him if he's seeking a divorce. If he's truly married and cheating, then you drop him like a hot potato with no explanation needed. Don't answer his calls, texts, etc. Live and learn.

You are what they call a mistress. Dump him. Obviously you can't trust him just think of how his wife would feel if she knew that.

Find a new boyfriend

Heaven's Messenger
Well now you know, do the right thing. Besides, he knew!

Curse him out. Call him everything but a child of God. Then never speak or see him again.

Well, you are probably going to have a good cry ... when the reality really hits you. Sorry, hun, that's very sad. You have to get away from him immediately, whatever it takes. He's not who you thought he was ... it was a big fantasy. Right now, you will need support from loving family and friends. Get out now!

You should tell him,never talk to or see him again and thank your lucky stars you finally found out abou the Rat you were calling your boyfriend.Wonder what his wife would think and how would she feel...RUN as fast as you can..He has no sad stories to make his actions ok

Put it this way. If he is cheating on his wife he is gonna cheat on you to. Don't walk away...run!

Continue to waste your time on him, maybe he will leave his wife for you?

Maybe he forgot so call his wife and tell her to show their marriage certificate to him.

Katie M
You leave. He's a liar and a cheat obviously. Don't you deserve better?

just in the legal sense or is he living with the wife and maybe some kids? drop him if he lied to you if he just married in legal sense he need to hurry it up along

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