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Whats the best way to get revenge on my sister-in-law?
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Whats the best way to get revenge on my sister-in-law?

I know a lot of you will judge me and say I am wrong but I want to make her pay for my suffering over the years. She is married to my brother who she controlls like a puppet and thinks she is head of my family and can sit in judgement of everyone else. How do I get revenge?

You probably won't read my answer since your question has been posted for many hours. But I'll write you anyway. My husband's family REALLY get on my nerves!!! A month ago, I got into it with my sister in law. She deleted me off her myspace because she didn't like what I had to say about her mom. Well, she is the one who started with the rude comments. Then I find out she was talking crap about me. Anyway, I got so mad I deleted all her friends on her myspace page and everything she had on there!! A year ago, I came across her password so she doesn't know, I know it! lol! Feels good. And every once in a while I delete her myspace page again, I just love the thought of her getting pissed LOL! Now, I gotta think of a way to get my mother in law back. Any ideas????

Stay out of it. You dont know what she is like behind closed doors. Maybe she is great to ur brother in their private life. Maybe you dont know her enough....

Ashley H
i like apples

Trevor's wife
No good way to do it really, anything you do will make you look bad, think about it she controls him like a puppet? Who's side do you think he's going to take? You'll be lashing out with no one to back you up. Soooo, my advice: By not getting revenge so you don't look like the a##hole that doesn't mind her own business, and tries to stick her nose in her brother's marriage all the time? That's the picture she'll paint of you, unfair or not and by the sounds of it no one else is standing up to her.

You don't. You put her to a place in your mind where she really does not matter but you keep your brother close in your heart and see him when you can on your won. Exclude her.

Miss SazzyBear Rawr
laxatives are your friend :)

act nice around her but secrectly prank her , she wont know, lol. have fun

you don't.. eventually he will cheat on her or lash out in some way.. when that happens..you just be her shoulder to cry on Don't be petty ok

Ditch D. Bitch
It's not your business. Talk to your brother alone and you might see a different picture or awaken him to the reality of life being married.

She pays for your suffering every time she looks in the mirror. Just be grateful that you are not like her. Don't waste another moment of your life giving her the power to hurt you.

Don't. Just tell her to STFU and stay out of your business. And tell your brother to GROW SOME BA**S and kick her A** to the curb because he looks like a total WIMP!

i would simply regain control by telling her she has no place to judge you and others, she is married to your brother and not you so just tell her to keep her opinions to yourself

You do the adult thing and have a conversation with her and your brother about how you feel and how to resolve the problem, not make it bigger.

Revenge is never a good thing, simply be a bigger person, ignore her and move on. When she tries to control you, speak up but be polite in your statement. Simply tell her you are tired of her abusive behavior toward you and its time for her to stop. She will probably be mad at you, but don't let that stop you from speaking your mind, maybe when other members of the family see this, they too will tell her to stop being such a control freak.

Kingston due sometime in Jan.!
You don't. You grow up and act like an adult. Don't waste your time trying to seek revenge on others. She will get hers soon enough. I'm not judging you. It's not up to anyone to judge another person. I'll leave that up to the man above. But seriously, focus your energy on something more positive than trying to get back at someone. If your brother likes being treated like a puppet (and he must if he allows it) then you should love it.

Be careful there. Revenge tends to hurt the avenging person more than the intended target. It has a nasty way of bouncing back. It might be better to do your best to act honorably and compassionately, and her judgemental and manipulative behavior would look very poor by comparison.

Bill C
Treat her with kindness and smile as if you have secrets. It will drive her insane. Control freaks are usually the ones who are least in control. Here's your chance to prove it.

not dead at 48
best revenge...ignore her

you don't tell your brother to grow so balls and stand up to her

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