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When a man cries... what does it mean?
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When a man cries... what does it mean?

When a man cries because he has "hurt" his GF, that is said something or done something which she said "hurt her". Who he has been with 3-months and he admitted earlier in the week that he "never cries" and doesn't know when the last time was, what could this mean... ?

Tira B
It means that he really loves you and cares for you and really regret what he has done. He probably realized how much he loves you and is sad as he hurt you.

Men are never keen to show their emotions but a man who can cry is very sensitive & I think a very loving & caring person.

ok.. i'm older and wiser... and there are some good answers here.. mainly about the manipulator.. JYHoff should get best answer... It's simple deduction. A guy who has been with someone for three months doesn't hurt her... secondly he doesn't cry because he hurt her.. and further he doesn't lie about not crying. Ridiculous. Tell him to be a man and quit hurting people.

I don't know your bf but what I do know and have great experiance is human behaviour. I have dated many men over the years and if it is only three months and he told you that then here is what I think. I think he is unstable at best and a pathological liar at worst.He is trying to manipulate your feelings as well as my friend above mentioned.

it mean he really love and care of u. believe me, coz my boy fs is like that. if im angry and he will try many time to persuade me and if i ignore him. he will cry at last coz dont know what to do and tension coz he love on is angry and cannot make her happy. but if i saw his eye have water i will say okok dont cry. im not angry anymore :)

It means he is a manipulator and you are falling for it.

Ashy and Ash. (GF & BF)
Ive had experience in this kind of area, without the hurtful stuff. I believe that when a man truly cries, and has told you he "never cries" it means that he really is truly sorry for hurting you. Its his way of realising what hes done and that he could potentially lose you for hurting you. Hes worried that hes going to lose you, therefor making him feel a rush of emotions.. Hopefully I helped, :) !

he has tears! and is quite emotional

Well, first of all you know he is a liar about the crying thing. So #1 he's a liar. #2 he likes to play games.

He's got a problem. How old is he? If he is a young man...that could be overlooked...if he is older...mid to late twenties and up...He's got a problem.

that he really cares for you! and he doesn't want to loose you. isn't it obusvious?

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