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When a woman gets married and changes her name...does she get a new social security number?
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When a woman gets married and changes her name...does she get a new social security number?


same number with a new last name


No, your social security number follows you for likfe. Your new name as well as all of the names that you use will be on your credit report

No, just your name.

No she keeps the same number just changes the Last name on the card to her married name if she is going to use it!

No. She would just go to the social security office, notify them of the name change, and the data gets filed.

no she just changes the name on her old one, you ss# never changes, unless you are put in witness protection or something

no baby girl.


Angi D

No, same number new name.

Just the name changes on the social security card. here is a link for you to read up on social security.

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