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When a woman stop loving her husband can she regain the love for him?
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When a woman stop loving her husband can she regain the love for him?

It's my fault, for a couple of things I did to her in the past...All mental abuse.....that I regret. She said that she still loves me but not as much as the begining.

Don't believe her. A woman is a strange creature, she will say one thing and really mean something else. Once you cross a woman, she's toast.

Yes, it can happen. My husband and I seperated for many months and one day we decided maybe we could give it a try again. We still had a love for each other, but nothing like it was. We took it slow, started dating again, and put 100% into it. Eventually we fell back in love. Good Luck to you!

Yes she can regain the love...there is still hope if she says she still loves you but it's going to take work and effort on your part.

Show her that you have changed and want to treat her right, don't just tell her.

Get into counseling, together ( if she will) and also separate.

You never cease loving... you only forget how it felt.

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