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Who is LEGALLY responsible for medical bills for 19 year old?
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Who is LEGALLY responsible for medical bills for 19 year old?

She's pregnant and has been living with her boyfriend for a year. We still pay support to her mother and have always paid her medical bills, but she chose this....it's not an illness.

who is "we"?

Medical bills, no longer have to be paid, by the parent/s after 18 yrs. unless the child goes to college

She is an adult so she is responsible for the medical bills herself. What I'm wondering is why you are still paying support for a 19 year old?

she is an adult, therefore she and her b/f have to pay for her medical bills

Why are you still paying child support? If you are legally bound to continue with child support, sounds like you are probably liable for the medical bills especially since you have a history of paying them. Is she still in college? What is in the divorce or parental support decree that has you paying support when she is 19. I would talk to an attorney if she or her mother is expecting you to pay. Is she on your insurance? Is she working? At 19 she should go to your local state agencies and she what kind of assistance she can get.

no it is not an illness... it sounds like it is a GRANDCHILD! if she lives with her bf, she can be added to his insurance if he has any... if not, she can get healthy kids for pregnant women, in whatever state... they all now have one or another form of it... usually blue cross blue shield are the ins. company....
the mother receives the support and either she or you need to go to court and either have it ended or(if your daughter is in college?) turned over to an account so it goes straight to your daughter! because the daughter is not living with her mother or you.... you should let the daughter know about the insurance (thru medicaid) and the child support money (in case she is not aware) and then drop the subject about money and costs... and embrace the one of the baby coming... get involved.... help in ways you can? ask.... so what else do you need for the baby? or have you found out... girl or boy.... or even... so... have you thought about names? it is so far from being an "illness"! you are about to have a whole next generation.... your daughter needed you for learning to walk, run, hit a ball and throw one.... oh.. to ride a bike.... you think somehow she won't need all that parental love, guidance and support...you have a wellspring of "expertise"... all those years of knowledge and how to's? babies do not come with instructions! maybe focus on the baby!! you are having a baby!!! :) it is a good thing!

I would like to add something... I read and re-read some answers...and see a lot of check you divorce papers, and whyh are you paying? I do not think most people realize but child support goes automatically until 21 (I think?)I know in NJ it goes until I go back to court and ask them to stop sending it to me.... I was a little surprised it does not automatically end, unless you request it to be continued (just makes more sense!) so unless the person receiving (or paying) go back then the court assumes a nineteen yr old is in college and therefore is entitled to be supported by both parents.... just thought people would want to know...
and... if I did not make it clear? the 19 year old should be responsible... but legally unless you take her mother and her to court? you are for anything after the first 250.00 (in NJ, do not know what the amoun t is in other states) so push to get her to the state medicaid place.... they will even ask about child support etc.... it might help get it ended?

if you can prove (side note) that she has not been supported by her mother for the past year? you can get that back via courts... in case you wanted to know/get that back?

Lady Hewitt
She needs to get on medicaid and be responsible for her own bills as she is an adult now and if he is the father then he needs to help pay.... You do not have to pay support for her anymore and her mother is not responsible for the medical bills anymore as she is an adult now and over 18. basically she needs to grow up and take responsibility for her own life and choices.

I'm no lawyer, but I'd say anyone 18 or older is responsible for their own medical bills.

She is an adult, and therefore, you are not obligated to pay for the medical bills. Normally, kids are cover under their parents insurance until they are 21, so if she is already covered... what's the issue?

If they are deductibles and what not, then she should pay them. Check if she and her baby qualify for Medicaid. They are many federal and state programs that help teenage mothers.

Good luck

Piggy Don't live heerr no mo'
She is not living under your roof, and she is not a college student. And she is over the age of 18...She is now considered to be an adult. and she has to learn to take care of her responsibilities. She and her baby's father are responsible for this new child.

Once you get married or turn 18 it's all you, unless your parents will let you ride their insurance -- but even then you can only do that until you're 23 or so.

The 19 year old is responsible. Stop coddling her. And check your divorce decree. If support was supposed to cease at 18....DO it. if it's til she's 21...have that changed immediately via an attny.
There is absolutely NO reason to be paying support for your child to be living with her boyfriend. We experienced the same. It was quickly resolved as mentioned.
The only reason for support to go beyond age 18, is if child is furthering education.

Why would you be mandated by law to support a 19yo, what state do you live in? Is she on your tax forms as a dependant? Does she live at the same address? Do you provide health insurance for her as a dependant via work? This is under state law, it depends on your state whether you are legally responsible

They are adults now and should be responsible for the decisions they make.

You lost me. She is 19 years old. She is living with her boyfriend. WE still pay SUPPORT to her MOTHER, and have ALWAYS paid her medical bills. OK so WHO ARE YOU? She is 19, and lives on her own with her boyfriend. SHE is RESPONSIBLE for her own bills and life in general.

OOOpp's It's cut off time. It's the moron she's with responsibility now. You just be a good step-gma and best wishes to you all and the new baby.

She's 19. She's responsible for herself now. (legally)

Her and Her boyfriend are responsible. Can I ask why you are still paying child support to her mother? At least in Ohio.....when your child moves out, then that child is responsible for ALL bills unless they are in college or a full time student and that is what is stated in your divorce/child support papers.

Heather M
The 19 year old is responsible for them she is legal now and they shouldn't be in anyone else's name but hers

You are no longer responsible for her as she is over 18.The baby,s father is the one who should be paying the medical bills not you...

Look at his divorce settlement. Responsibilities should be spelled out there. You probably should have gone back to court when she move in with her bf, unless she is still in school, and called her bf a roommate. This is definitely worth a trip back to court.

Tricia P
Depending if she is still a student... and depends on what your child support papers state. Lots of times they state 18 or 19 and still in school... Also is the support for back payment or current? Otherwise I would suggest calling your local child support office to speak about it.
I would bet you no longer have to pay support.

She would be responsible unless she is on her parents health insurance still, some stay on it until they are 25.

Sweet Mamacita
Well it all depends if she is in school and you made the agreement to pay all bills until the age of 21 for all medical with her mother. It also depends on what state you are in.
As far as paying bills for pregnancy, I do not think you should or could be liable for that. When she decided to become pregnant she made herself an adult outright.
I still would check with the courts or your lawyer, but I really do not believe you have to pay for pregnancy hospital bills.
Good luck.

Suthern R
Unless it is court ordered, the 19 year old is legally responsible for the medical bills.

find out what the age is, that parents are financially responsible until...where I live its 18

I think you should sit down with her and talk to her about this. Maybe help her pay the medical bills, if she cant pay them all herself. If she can pay them all herself than hand them over to her, she is an adult now. Maybe her mom will also help you pay the medical bills. I hope this helped you. Good luck.

Unless she's still in school, I'm pretty sure she is responsible. Wait, you say you still pay support?-- If that's the case, then you are. Why are you still paying support? Maybe your state is different than mine or there was something extra in your decree.

I would think that if she is 19, then she would be considered an adult and therefore legally responsible for the bills.

Brian K
shes 19 and lives on her owen with a boyfriend shes responsible shes an adault she can go through the state to for insurence

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