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Why did he WANT to get me pregnant?
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Why did he WANT to get me pregnant?

Make a long story short... I dated this guy for a while, about 5 months and right before we started dating he asked me if I wanted to get pregnant. I said "NO" and thought he was crazy. He kept asking me and begging me and even managed to (you know) in me without my permission a couple of times. He tried to secretly do it. One day He told me he REALLY REALLY liked me and wanted us to stay together (for a long time/ forever) and would get upset when I was not pregnant. I had a feeling he still had some feelings for his ex at the same time...but he would get jealous, possessive, and controlling of me at times as well. He would tell me..."you're not leaving, you are gonna stay here and live with me...." So we recently had some drama and I guess he went back to his ex. Im not saying that we wont talk again but i have a feeling that he is the would get very upset if I moved on..which I will. But everyday I wonder why he was really trying to get me pregnant....does he have feelings for both of us and he cant let one or the other go, was it a trap to keep me, Im very confused! Oh yeah, I met him right before we graduated but he told me he saw and had a crush on me way before that and how he used to see me all the time when we were in high school...it creeped me out a bit. No we are both the same age, 19

Jada Jones
just cause some one wants to get u pregnant don't mean they care about u sorry baby girl u told him u didn't want to he tried to do it baby in life we go through things to learn but please open you re eyes moore and ears and heat u will see .

If "feelings" had anything to do with it, he'd have listened when you said "no" instead of trying to force his own agenda on you. Consider yourself lucky he lost interest...and the next time a guy tries to insist on an instant family, heed your instincts about the crazy and run. (Otherwise, I'm sorry to say, you may want to take a good hard look at yourself and why you'd be willing to put up with someone who thinks of you as a possession to do what he wants with instead of someone who respects your wishes.)

Keep your legs closed but if you can't, exercise the use of contraceptives. If you don't, you'll be amongst the thousands of women on here asking why won't he marry me after having two kids and being together five years. Be smart.

Sounds like he was trying to get your pregnant to trap you into staying with him or at least in his life. Kudos for being too smart for this.

A Jones
It sounds strange. I too would be freaked out about the fact he really wanted a baby. Did he have his own house? A great paying job? Financially ready for a baby. Or was he happy just to pop one out and then go from there? Good that your not dating him anymore. Does sound like a trap. Ordinarily I would be investigating with his ex partners to see what the deal was - but considering he is back with his ex and you'se are no longer together - Id probably just let it go and think to myself "glad I'm out of that freaky relationship'

I'm sorry, but I think you are better off without this guy. I see some red flags that mean he could turn abusive some day. He wanted to get you pregnant because he thinks that means you are his forever and he can control you. Most abusers want control...any way they can get it. Run the other way from this one, girl!

So let me get this straight, BEFORE you decided to date him and before you knew him he was asking you if you wanted to get pregnant? As if he was asking you if you wanted a cup of coffee? Then you decide to date him, sleep with him a bunch of times, and now you are asking why? If you couldn't figure out that this guy is a complete weirdo from the moment he began talking about getting you pregnant, than you have more to worry about yourself than any guy.

His reasons we may never know. What is more important is that you decide what you will and wont do for yourself. Since you are a young girl it is more important that you focus on your life and your goals than a brother who only wants to get your pregnant and keep you tied down. Let his ex keep him, it is clear that he was unclear about your future or else he would be there with you.

Captain Obvious
There is nothing confusing about it. Why to some women want to have kids with men who don't want kids? Same reason.

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