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Why do I hit my husband when I`m sleeping.?
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Why do I hit my husband when I`m sleeping.?

Okay this is weird but sometimes my husband say`s I hit him when I`m sleeping. I don`t remember doing it the next day, I`m not even aware of it . He says I talk In my sleep. I say mean things too. Why do I do this?

Shinigami (FAC)
sleep test

I'm a Beast
u may have night terrors

i tlk in my sleep nd my husband has punched me when he was asleep ouch

Poopsie Mellish
You might have been having nightmares. Sometimes I yell in my sleep after watching too many scary movies.

Pearl L
cause youre sleeping, my friend told me one time she did that too to her husband when she was sleeping, maybe you should put a pillow or something between you so you don t hit him in your sleep

It could be your subconscious ~ anger or frustration not expressed during the day does not just disappear because your asleep.

Many people grind their teeth (including myself) at night ~ some to the point of doing major damage to teeth!! ~ This is just one example, their are many more!

Sleep does not = non activity - sleep is actually a series of natural cycles of activity within the brain - Non REM and REM. Dreams typically occur in the REM stage.

However, Parasomnias (this is the term given to people who sleep walk, sleep talk, night terrors are NREM disorders. They are common in children, but generally kids grow out of this. Often they have no memory of their night activity.
Those that occur later in the REM stage of sleep are usually experienced by middle age - elderly people. Usually this is associated with a neurological condition whereby the usual muscle paralysis that occurs during REM sleep fails. Because the muscles in these individuals is not paralyzed, you could potentially act out behaviour that results in injuries to yourself or your bed partner.

Your partner need not wake you (there is nothing dangerous about him waking you - you just might be startled, confused and/or get a fright and lash out at him) but can gently restrict or direct your movements so that you do not hurt him or yourself.

A sleep clinic can assess your sleep cycles and REM behaviour. If you would prefer trying other idea first - try wear a wrist jingle bell - moving your arms will = jingle sound which will hopefully wake you but at the very least hopefully wake your partner.

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