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Why do men go down on one knee when they propose?
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Why do men go down on one knee when they propose?

Serious answers only please

Its the proper way and the most romantic which is the whole point.

baby boo
well boys watch Allot of tv so they will see it there so they probably copy it. but boys don't always go down on one knee my daddy and step mammy didn't do that. hopes this helps. bye

Salacious Crumb
we know, we know - you're used to being down on both knees.

Honey, they only do that in movies. And I don't think even in movies anymore. The idea was, that he was aware of how unworthy he was. Also at that height he could look into his lady's eyes. But it's all romance-novel nonsense and I doubt one man in a thousand ever did it.

Singing Becky
The reson for this is because it's respectful,taditional and really romantic!

It's a gesture that originated in the days of chivalry, when it was the knight's custom to get down on one knee to show servitude and respect to his lover. This has become tradition to show seriousness and respect.

Hello, Check out ; http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20061113081259AA2tbiK Best Answer - Chosen by Asker The custom of proposing on one knee hearkens back to the days of knighthood and chivalry when it was customary for a knight to dip his knee in a show of servitude to his mistress and his master. The knight would kneel before before a tournament and wait for "his" lady to toss him her ribbon or colors, as an indication of her favor. Source(s): http://www.hudsonvalleyweddings.com/guid… 3 years ago

its really romantic as well. its a very old english tradition

That's a good question. Umm, maybe its a 'I bow to you' think. My fiance got down on one knee when he proposed to me, which he was giving me his little speech of why he wants me to be his wife, he said "so, uh, yeah.. since I obviously bow to you." Haha.

It is considered chivalrous and a way for men to express how they feel about a woman.

ya its repsectful and also it makes the girl feel more dominant for once i think. its like she wont be intimidated to say yes or no, instead just how she feels.

It's a position of submission. It's the same reason people kneel before dignitaries, or why people bow their heads when surrendering. It probably came from the fact that men were considered dominant in times past so it was a nice way for the man to submit for a moment. Now, of course, women are dominant, so the real question is do men ever get up from their knees after they are married.

Poop Stick Mania
Tradition, I guess. Why not Google it, it's much more efficient that way.

its like respectful i guess

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