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Why do men have to compliment other women right in front of us?
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Why do men have to compliment other women right in front of us?

they're stupid

idk, but its bloody annoying!

DR + Mrs Bears face
Why shouldn't they?

Because he is ready to trade you in.

I really don't see anything wrong with that.

Because it drives you nuts...

To annoy you, and so you have something to complain about on YA

Your just mad because your competitor might take your man.

woman do the samething about men

Why would that be a problem? His complimenting her is not a put down of you.

Worldtraveler 777
If it was another man complimenting you, you probaly wouldn't mind. ;-)

a GUY bein a GUY
It is a statement of "I know how to compliment, its just I don't feel like complimenting YOU right now."

you dont know me
Why is your self esteem so low that it bothers you? Men can appreciate other women and still love you just as much.

Again, you are associating with the wrong men. My man has gave other women compliments but it wasn't anything out of line.

I never had a man to do this to me. He should respect you enough to not do that. Its just hurtful if he is your bf/wife complimenting another woman.

Been there, don't want to go back
If it's tasteful, and if he compliments you regularily, it's fine.

Most men don't do this...none that I know. Poor guys think that smiling at a woman automatically makes them think he's after her and tries to get a restraining order.

It's just like looking at food when you are hungry. Everything looks good enough to eat. When was the last time you rocked his world? Maybe he is hinting he likes a certain style and would love to see you express your version of it. Imagine him saying something like "How about you getting an outfit like..." so and so? They are dumb, but not that dumb! Are you providing him with eye candy every now and then? If my man likes a look, I will try to provide it for him. If I can't pull it off, I remind him how a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush by giving him my signature BJ!

On the other hand, compliments are great. I compliment other women when the look fabulous. And I do get ideas from them about style. I am not threatened by them. The only time I would see this as wrong, is if he doesn't ever compliment you. Then he is doing it to annoy you. What a douche...

Silly Rabbit_<3's Harry Potter
My husband very openly compliments other women in front of me. He won't say it TO them, but he'll say to me if he thinks she's pretty. Personally, I have no problem with it. There are beautiful women out there, and there's nothing wrong with appreciating their beauty. Besides, I do the same thing and tell him when I think a guy is good looking. No biggie. You can check out the menu, even if you don't plan on eating anything! LOL!

fokker - it's an airplane!
I like it that my guy is nice enough to compliment my friends once in a while. He compliments me all the time - so I am not insecure about it whatsoever. My friends love him and think he is perfect for me - cause he's just so dang nice! I thought women loved the charmers?! Compliments don't have to 'mean' anything. Girls tell each other when they look nice or get a new haircut...I don't see why it's offensive when a guy compliments a female. I compliment my guy friends as well - it just makes people feel good!

It is rude and disrespectful. We have eyes we can see that they are attractive we don't need our man to validate it openly.
Some women are fine with it and they just shrug it off like it's nothing, to other women it's a big deal because it makes other women feel that they are not beautiful or attractive enough for their men, when their men do this. It depends on the person.

Poopsie Mellish
It is polite in a formal and informal setting to just compliment the lady in a polite way. Men compliment me when I have a pretty dress and most men adtually like a polite compliments to a lady. the husband feels proud because you are on his arm. Listen to the song by Eric clapton about looking lovely tonight! Very Romantic!

dont know my husband never did that. he doesnt notice that kind of thing anyway and if he did tbh i would probably slap him lol

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