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Why do most men have split personalities?
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Why do most men have split personalities?

As we all know,we want to find our prince charming sometime in our lives.For the lucky few who have found theirs will know they tend to disagree on almost everything you do.

They don't.

I love the humourous side of this...lol Yes, all men DO have a split personality and I do mean ALL...! One personallity is for his personal life and the other is for his working life...that's the way it is...ONLY 2...! BUT...what about females...do they have a split personality...? They sure do and it's split into many facets of their lives...many personalites actually. Then, when a man finally breaks thru one of those personalities and feels he can really begin to communicate with her, she changes her personality as like throwing a switch and THAT is why men become so dumbfounded about women, especially the ones they marry...lol So tell me, why is it such a big deal to you girls for guys to leave the toilet seat up when we guys never complain when you girls leave the toilet seat down...? And noooooo....we guys do not believe that mall shoping is a sport...! Yeppers. do love the humour of your question, but I really do wish girls came with an instruction manual as I seem always to be pushing their wrong buttons...perhaps yours as well...???

Most men do not!!! only that ones who are not getting laid!! Its enough to frustrate any man!!!

No, not everything. Look, I know being married is tough. However, at the end of the day, I appreciate my husband telling me how it is. Yes, sometimes I can talk out of my @ss, but, so does he. To make this partnership work, disagreeing with one another is actually a pretty vital part of any relationship. People will disagree all the time, however, wouldn't you rather have someone who will help you see things more than one way, rather than just agreeing with you to get you off their backs. When two people disagree, its important to respectfully do so. When my husband proves that he is right about something, I actually appreciate him even more.

Ryde On
I suspect your relationship problems stem from your inability to express your thoughts coherently

They don't.

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