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Why does my husband get a hard on over me?
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Why does my husband get a hard on over me?

I really dont understand why sometimes i dont even do anything...?

Shoalin G
my husband is like that. We could be shopping for tissue and he'll come up behind me and "show me" how much he wants me! I love it!!

My husband is the same way. You should see it as a blessing that he finds you so attractive.

You should be flattered! Would you rather he be with another woman getting hard? Typical woman! Your mad now. Then you'll be mad when he's too old and can't do it anymore. Be happy with what you have, and keep him happy as well!

I would be more concerned when he stopped doing it....

Mrs. Smith
OH please, are we trolling for compliments here?

Why are you complaining, why not just enjoy what comes naturally. There may come a time in your married life that doesn't happen, so relax and take the advantage of this, believe me its a big plus.

You must be really attractive and have a nice body.... ohhhh nooooo i am getting a hard on just thinking about you.....

You're old enough to be married and you really don't know this? Guys get boners. It's that simple. It could just be a breeze across his lap, a fleeting thought, or no stimulus involved at all.

You lucky lady! Your man finds you irresistible and that means you have the basis of a really strong relationship. Enjoy him!

Cute M
its inside feeling of his mind when ever he saw u his mind works and he got hard on dont worrry

Tru3 Lov3r
he just finds you really attractive

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