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Why have people become so selfish in relationships?
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Why have people become so selfish in relationships?

Even 5 years ago I think relationships were much easier. These days everyone is cheating on each other and not thinking about how badly their partner would feel. How has this happened and how do we overcome it?

Well these days people just don't care no more i mean yeah it hurts i know i been through it!!! And the way you over come that is by ignoring it .

I blame it on the media.

Roy E
God and honor go together.It is about values,and the lack of them in our lives.As a Christian I am commanded to love God and my fellow man as I would myself. How can I love anyone if I do something to hurt myself or another?To say I love you,then I lie,cheat, and steal?What does that say? I would have no honor.We must return to God and obey him if we are to be real men and women,people of honor.Bye the way not everyone is cheating but there are too many that are.

It is the end of times and man has become lovers of themselves.

i'm not sure why. but i wish i knew

The breakdown of the family unit has far reaching effects. The "me, me, me" attitude of young people leads to exactly what you are asking about. No strong family unit, no morals. This all stems from the liberal ideas being pushed on us all. They say "We all should be able to do whatever we want and no one should tell us otherwise." That's what you get. A bunch of greedy, unfaithful idiots trying to get as much and whatever they feel like. Find a partner that has a strong family and maybe even alittle religion (God forbid!) and you may have a chance at a happy, faithful relationship.

Selfishness has been around since the start of the human race. Only perhaps now the "cheating" is more pronounced because it gets a lot of media attention and hype plus Private Investigators and lawyers consider it "big business." Cheating on one's spouse is a choice. I still say it is not the majority who does it but just a few who get the best albeit derogatory publicity! How do we overcome it? We educate the children at home, in the schools, and in the universities. We practice what we preach. We stop glorifying the "selfishness" by making movies and TV series portraying these negative traits and showing these people off as heroes and people to be emulated. We bring back the values that our forefathers had. The values of being loyal and faithful in our relationships... of being truthful and honest in all our dealings... of being transparent and above board in our transactions. We shun the materialism, the love to accumulate to amass wealth that we cannot take with us when we are called to return to the heavenly home. We build on love, trust, understanding and compassion. We turn to our Creator and ask that He continue to guide us in our actions so that men can live in servant hood and stewardship rather than in servitude and slavery. I hope my reply enlightened you on what we can do to actively diminish if not eliminate the cheating than may ensue in areas of our existence.

Because people have let evil come into their world.they overcome by repentance.

Ninja CK
it's sad but true, it is happening a lot lately. because people just think if they give a little then they might be used.. i think people are losing faith in each other, thinking they might get hurt by whoever they are with. lying because they're uncomfortable with saying the truth.. thinking that "if you never find out.. it will never hurt you". people should believe in each other, give and love unconditionally, learn to be more patient and understanding. try to forgive when possible. unfortunately people give the advice "you're better off with someone else" instead of giving what they have a chance.

This country is just a very greedy one built on material, money, and instant gratification...me me me! Relationships take sacrifice, work, giving up a lot of things in order to please another and to accommodate their needs. Selfish people are in no position to have satisfying relationships. Sadly, they realize too late, that relationships are 1 of 2 things people regret on their deathbeds, along with contribution..often another very selfless element. In the end, they realize their life was a waste...so only they lose. To overcome it- change ure perception of life 100%, realize what is really important in life, and humble yourself...help others..there is tremendous satisfaction in it.

John Joe
I wish I knew the answer. I feel my wife is taking me for a ride.

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