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Why is my husband so distant?
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Why is my husband so distant?

I keep asking him if he is mad at me and he says no and that nothing is wrong. But he is not as affectionate and barely talks to me. This has been going on for almost two weeks. I feel lonely and neglected. I don't think I did anything to him. We have a lot of stuff going on in our lives. He is adopting my 3 year old (stepparent adoption), thinking of having a baby, he started a new job in Jan. What do you think it could be? These are the only things I can think of.

I don't know but mine started acting that way shortly after marriage. I wrote him letters and tried talking to him telling him I felt lonely and neglected. Mine never got better. I waited 8 years for a change. I hope yours is just a temporary thing due to stress with all that is going on.

A lot of what you are describing sounds stress related. A new job, adopting a child, I'd postpone deciding to have a baby until a more apporpriate and comfortable time, and I would reccommend openly discussing your concerns with him. Men are not the most open creatures, but admitting that you are feeling uncomfortable may be just the gentle nudge that he needs to reassure you.

Everything is possible as a raison of his behaviour. Changes should be introduced in your life to avoid going from worst to worst. Invite him to a diner outside alone without the baby. Send him an e-mail explaining on it your love for him and how much he is precious for you and how your love for him is big. Don’t keep asking and asking him all the time. Just act!

I can give you a couple possibilities. He may be having a mid-life crisis. These can hit people from their 30's on. Also, stress over the impending adoption (cold feet) or any or all of the other things you mentioned. Also, sometimes a health problem can cause someone to act out of character. Something is probably bothering him at any rate, and he is not yet ready to discuss it. Or maybe he doesn't really even know what it is. Wait it out. Eventually it will pass or he will open up to you.

maybe you should call that show cheaters. cause honey he might be cheating on you

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