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Why should i trust another woman ever again?
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Why should i trust another woman ever again?

How can you ever really trust anyone when most people are betrayed in relationships? I don't want to after my last debacle.

If you don't want to trust someone then you're the one with the problem. You have to learn from past mistakes not carry them around with you thinking nothing will change or they wont! It's up to you to get over your problems then you'll attract happy people that are worthy of your time!

There is absolutely no reason to. They will break your heart, break your spirit and just plain leave you broke.

Not all women are the same and I'm sure you'll meet a woman who will be the one for you. Sometimes it takes a while. If you go into a relationship thinking that the person might cheat then that could affect how you are towards your partner so I think it's best to trust someone because the majority of people are ok.

like most of the rest of the world you don't give yourself enough time to realize actions don't lie, words do. Always watch body language and actions, words tell you what they think you need to hear and what they think they are. People lie to themselves but they can't be anything but their true self over time. Learn to do this and you will never be fooled again.

if you are going to bring baggage to a new relationship its already doomed, you want better relationship talk to a counselor you needs to fix you before you judge anyone else.

Women are sneaky and deceptive by nature. It started with Adam and Eve and has gone downhill ever since.

Anthony G
Believe in yourself. Believe that you deserve someone that is trusting and into you and only you and you shall receive it. Sometimes you have to be patient and cautious to the things you want in life, don't waste your time with someone that isn't right for you just keep it moving.

Angelica Moreanne
I have a personal rule that I would like to share to you.. After the break up: If she smiles, you smile If she moved on, you move on If she's in a happy relationship, be or try to be in one too. DO NOT throw your hopes away just because of those GIRLS who hurted you, you worry about yours and not how they did you. It's really unfair how those GIRLS are enjoying or founded their one true love while you're seating around hoping for less. Believe me, your WOMAN is out there and be patient. IF you haven't found your love yet...love your self and family, pour all your attention to the people that matters the most..the people that trully love you BACk.

The goal is to bang them until you run into one that you trust!!! Never put your trust first!!!

Deepak Paradkar
Trust is very interesting. It is hard to build trust and it takes time. It is about intimacy and really getting to know someone. We are taught that past behaviour will predict future behaviour so it is often difficult for us to put the past aside to build trust. You need to almost erase your memory and start anew to have the faith and trust.

Ambi G
Because then you end up all bitter, tetchy, resentful & alone. Its good to share in life.

It was more than speeches
dont trust them, its that simple. Get yours, protect your finances and dont be afraid to replace them when needed.

Well I have been here before. Everyone says you can't bring baggage into a new relationship. I agree to a point. If I don't bring a little bit of experience from each relationship then I am setting myself up for failure. It never hurts to go into each relationship cautious. Remember trust is earned and you will be able to trust again and it won't take long to know if you can trust the new person or not.

then don't. I'm sure your life will be much more complete and better without the hassle of someone to share it with. Are you trustworthy? If so, how can you not believe that there are other trustworthy people out there?

because you should not be weak and let one women change how you feel about all women.

Even though it would be nice not to have to trust again, it would be a very sad life for you to give up forever. Life is full of disappointments and this is just another one. You need ot do it again. To give up is easy. No one ever said life was easy. Even if you say you will never do it again, sooner or later your heart will do it again.

My answer: Love like you've never lost. Look man, there's a woman out there that won't hurt you. Just wait and hope, and she'll come to you. But finding her means action on your part.

Ryde' On
All that is really necessary is that she thinks you do.

no risks, no gain

Always do what is right for you. Always follow your instincts.

Craven Moorhead
Cheat on them, then you wont feel as bad.

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