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Why won't he get a Divorce?
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Why won't he get a Divorce?

I have been with my Partner for 4yrs,in that time i have Divorced my Husband but my Partner still hasn't Divorced his ex Wife,they have been separated over 8 yrs now. He has served papers on her twice but say's she won't Sign?,I have told him that he can go ahead anyway but he still hasn't made it a priority? We do not live together and we both have children from our previous Marriages. Marriage is not on the cards for us yet BUT!!!!! Can't understand why he just doesn't get on with it,personally i couldn't wait to be rid of my X-Husband.

Because he does not want to.

you said it it's not important enough for him

ouch that one hurts - I don't understand it either your partner is married - that just s*cks not matter how you look at it

WHy did you get involved with a person who was married!!!!! if he was not liking his wife he should have divorced and then take interest in others!!

He doesn't want to get a divorce, because it is very convenient to still be married. Stops any suggestion that he needs to marry you. He obviously feels that once he is divorced, you will expect to get married. I think he is quite happy for the status quo to remain. He may even still be in love with his wife, and hope they can reconcile somewhere down the track. He has you on call as a 'partner' without any of the responsibilities. Stop pressuring him, and don't be so available to him. You can probably find someone who is willing to commit to you 100% out there - go search for them.

May be he still have feelings for her or can't divorce her ,, because if he really wants divorce then he can get it ,, but it seems that he don't want even to try forcing her to divorce .. Or may be he don't want to continue his life with u without her signing the divorce papers, If he marries u now .. it would be like cheating her and he wont start his new life like this .. because separating does not officially mean he is not married as long as they does not sign the papers ..

He has no intention of divorcing her. Thats why you should never get involved with a man who is still married. Its never going to happen, stop wasting your life on him.

craig b
This is why you don't get involved with someone who is STILL MARRIED! You have no POWER to change anything. You are having an AFFAIR with a married man. And now you know what his real CHARACTER is! And you still want to be a part of it. (go figure..........)

bill g
because he's not for real --- he wants to run with the fox and hunt with the hound --- i think you need to sit him down and have a really good chin - wag --- that --- or walk him to the kerb --- good luck

a chick
This is why you don't get involved with someone that is still married, separated or not.

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