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Why would a man only call a woman (he's attracted to) once or twice every other week?
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Why would a man only call a woman (he's attracted to) once or twice every other week?

and then when they finally talk.......the convo lasts 4 min and he says "just calling to see how you're doing cuz we haven't spoken in a couple weeks...but l'm gonna go get somethin to eat and try to call you back in a bit" .........and never calls back until the next week?...what does this mean & what's the point??

NOTE- He also told me before that "he thinks im gorgeous and talented but doesn't want to get attached"

If he doesn't want to get attached then why does he keep calling me? And if I don't pick up; he calls back the next day until I do? ......Then when we finally talk he has nothing interesting to say to me....he just asks "so how you doing, what's up"...and the convo ends really short.

I'm a pretty impatient person and do not understand this kind of behavior. I also dont have time to be stressed out by games....what should I do?

Thanks <3

probably cause he's married!! or in a serious r/ship..

Sarah Oriordan

Tiger by the Tail
Honestly - you don't mean that much to him. And I bet he's got someone else, you're just plan B.

Franco III
All he wants is a booty call...............................!

LiL BrAt
well maybe he is married or have a girlfriend.. and maybe he thinking about cheating on her.....

it means he is most likely married or has another woman

Bravo f,

He has someone already & it keeping you as an option.

Do not take his calls anymore & do not call him.

I don't think it's a game. I just don't think he needs much attention. Take this as a hint of how the future would be with him.

He sounds like a married man who may be weighing his options. You need to cut through the crap and ask him what type of nonsense is this, your both adults why is he acting so immature.

Don't answer the phone....................when/if you do cut the conversation before he does...................he is playing games, so change the game and play by your rules...................................…

Karen Smith
Doesn't sound like either one of your are investing much time in the relationship, if you want to call it a relationship. Don't do anything. He is just a chat buddy.

He's not THAT interested, but keeping you 'on the line' until something more interesting comes along...

If you don't care for the behavior make that clear to him or simply tell him the contact is infrequent and uninteresting, and he need not continue to call...

This belongs in Singles & Dating...

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