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Why would a married man lie about his marital status, and chase a single girl...?
Find answers to your legal question.

Why would a married man lie about his marital status, and chase a single girl...?

...Only to break her heart in the end, when the wife contacts her to inform her that he's not only married but has kids. Why go through all the trouble of lying when he could easily join a dating network that promotes extra-marital affairs, and he doesn't have to lie? Why would he purposely hurt someone when he can get his freak on guilt-free elsewhere? A bit thumbs down for Noshymatall and Yank my crank. They gave the worst answers.

Well technically, he didn't break her heart; his wife did.

Yank my crank
Because he was horny Bigger question is why do women sleep with men with out knowing crap about them personally. Can you say S**TS


Cus he's a ho* !

Because he likes the game. BTW could you post a link to the site you mentioned it would be a big help to us men.

I luv rock & roll.......
He's a cold hearted lying good for nothing dirt bag........that's why.......

Rosie the Queen MILF
It is the challenge that guys thrive on. Sorry for you lots. Next time see the guy at least once in his own home so you know he is single or unattached

Sherry F
Because his wife is a real ____ rhymes with witch that's why he had to lie , if she took care of business he wouldn't never ended up in your bed.

Jc J
There's a dating network that promotes extra-marital affairs??

cos hes sick in the head!

baby fudge
becuase he's scum. he doesn't care who he hurts he just wants fun. guys like that aren't worth anything. they don't deserve their wives cos all they do is lie lie lie and cheat cheat cheat

cuz he's scum

Free 2 B Me
Just selfish. Only thinking about getting his kicks and not who he is hurting in the process. Ignorant girls blame the wife. A real woman has too much respect to play 2nd fiddle.

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