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Why would a woman try to hurt a man?
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Why would a woman try to hurt a man?

It happens. She a playa .

because she can

Maybe she have some kinda special hates for men, or bad experiences with men before

For the same reason that a man would try to hurt a woman.

Same reason a man will hurt a woman. They are selfish and controlling and the other person allows it to happen. I am allowing it to happen in my relationship, so I am not judging. We put up with so much BS to try to make things work.

Jeney M
I only ever try to hurt a guy if he has done something bad on me and even then its just saying mean but true stuff that I would normally keep to myself.

You are not specific in your question. Is this man in a relationship with the woman or not. There could be a lot of reasons when a woman would try to hurt a man.

ruling out a physical disease, or serious mental issues, then you are left with revenge. What did you do to hurt her first?

unresolved pride issues, or anger i guess

Because she does not care for you.

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