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as a woman, is it selfish to not want to get married, have children or get a pet?
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as a woman, is it selfish to not want to get married, have children or get a pet?

bring me sunshine(the original)
No, you're just being responsible.

cherry e
I'm 27 n never been married n don't think i wont too. and what is there too bring kids into this world for. pets just Tye u down n cost a lot with vet bills stay as u are girl sounds like Ur happy with the way u are and at least u know what u wont how many people can say that

no it isnt. some are happy being alone and not having the responsibility to care for someone or something else.

karen l
i think its brave to say you're not interested in settling down. too many people get married etc because they get to an age where they think it's expected.if you don't want children it's your decision. much better than having them and resenting them.as long as your life is how you want it to be thats what matters. everyone finds happiness in different ways. good luck to you x

Marriage is honourable..children are blissfull and God's gift..life is all about loving and living..and procreation..feeling towards pets is mere feeling and not love in all adequacy..marriage earns and gives you respect..hope and responsibility that is divine..pets will take more from you than they will give...do not get me wrong my dear..your children are the ones to take you out when you grow old..they will chose your care home if need be..and lastly, your pet can never have your geneological semblance or possess your traits..you see, life is all about true human love..

Best answer
No, it is not selfish. Being a woman just means being feminine. And as a human being you have the right to choose if you want to get married or not, or have children or not ... People could tell you what to do but it is your life, only you will deal with everything.

Actually I'd say it is selfish. But sometimes you need to be selfish to be responsiable. Maybe you arent ready for kids, or a pet or a serious relationship like marriage. I also think if you were to get married, you need to marry someone who also does not want children or pets. It would be very selfish to marry and then expect that person to want the same as yourself.

no its your life, live it however you like

Michelle o
You call the shots to a degree, if you have told your parther in the beginning you don`t ever want kids, fair one, but, if he thought there was a chance you need to sit and talk to him....I don`t think it is selfish to want a career over children no, too much pressure is put on us women to `breed` by family ,friends ect!!!!....BTW, i`me not some daft man hater, i`me happily married with 4 kids!!!!

~ Arwen ~
I was really interested to read your question because I'm actually at the opposite end of the spectrum. I wonder would it be selfish of me to get married, have kids etc. In your case, there is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling that way. I suspect you have simply not met 'the one'. But we are all different and if you don't feel that marriage and kids is the path you wish to take then you are not being selfish. You simply want to go a different route. It would be far worse to force yourself to marry, knowing it wasn't what you wanted! Just follow your heart and go wherever life takes you.

No. If thats what you want then do it. Better then making yourself miserable not being yourself.

Definately not!! Why get married/have children or pets when you don't want to. In terms of marriage & children...many people think it's a phase of life that everyone has to go through and if dont- they are incomplete. i think, one should only commit themselves to such things when they are certain.

No, of course not.

It is not selfish as long as your choice does not even remotely have any slightest impact or influence on another person's life.

I think it is good that you know what you want. All you need to do now is find someone that wants the same as you. If you haven't already.

No its not, only you know whats best for you. I know sometimes society has a tendency to push women into thinking that we "need" to do this or that but thats not the case. Live your life girl! As long as your happy, Im happy for you..

karl s
More Power too you,If that makes you happy,go for it,your the Captain of your Ship!Good Luck,and all the Best.Further more,lot's of People be happy alone,me too.I long for some one,but not if it has a Prizetag!

Happy Lover
No but I would also ask for some peace from outside family members then you'll be in heaven!

Its your life.

course not!! god whoever thinks it is selfish is living in the stone age!!

Not at all, it's your life.

Not to me but I know that everyone isn't really marriage or mother material.

Eric the K
Marriage and children is a big step to take in life so it is up to you if you want to or not. Right now you may not want to but someday you may be ready to start a family. If you want to do something get a pet for starters(especially a dog if you like them)...they take so much stress away and are great to have


Yes it is selfish - but who said being selfish is wrong. It's your life and you must decide how to live it otherwise you will never be happy! SELFISH = PUTTING YOURSELF BEFORE OTHERS

Lady Arianna
That can only be decided by each individual woman. My choice was to get married and have children and we added pets to our family as well - our choices. Your choice is your own - as long as you are happy with it, it's no one else's concern. Best Wishes

no, it is not selfish. it would be considered selfish to most people because it is naturally assumed that a woman is to want to get married and have children and even a pet. but you cannot live your life according to everyone elses thoughts. you have to live your life according to your own thoughts.

No it is not selfish. Look around you and see just how many unhappy married couples there are. As for having children that is your choice the same with pets. My daughter does not want to get married, have kids but would like a dog. Nothing wrong with that. If i had to have my life over i would not get married, have kids either. Travel the world, do things, learn how to hang-glide, paraglide, ride a horse do things you won't be able to do once you are married and have kids, then when you feel the time is right or you meet mr right go for it.:)

Not selfish at all...That is the beauty of living in America...You are free to marry or not marry, have children or don't have children, or get a pet or have no pets. At least you know what you don't want out of life.

NO - not at all - it is selfish if you get these things just because society says you should and you treat them wrong because of it.

Nope. Do what you want with your life. Some people should never have children, especially those who don't want them. And some people just aren't meant to marry either. And pets are also a personal choice, I refuse to have a dog or cat in my house.

no its not selfish its just the way u choose to live ur life

to each is own

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