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can a marriage ever recover from domestic violence?
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can a marriage ever recover from domestic violence?

say the partner has been physically, psychologically and emotionally abusive on and off for 5 years, and the abuse were to stop - could they live 'happily ever after' so to speak?

Sure you can, if you want to do so and you also are willing to own up to what part you played in what took place. I have never seen a situation yet that did not rely on the poor actions and choices of both parties to get to a point like this. Further, so much of what is considered emotional abuse anymore is merely a person being told the truth about themselves when they do not want to hear it and will not accept it as being true. The above may sound mean to you, yet again, a lot of what is now called mean is merely truth that people do not like and will not face up to.

Candy B
yes anything is possible with God.

NO! Never. can you ever forget? then that is your answer. find some one that treats you with love and respect.

Not really, its consider the last stage of a disfunctional relationship unless its only happened once or twice. Then therapy to save the relationship is needed.

i don't think so i mean, the damage is already done and its hard to forget and forgive. I guess it depends on the person that was on the receiving end of the abuse. I would recommend some kind of therapy

Cracker Jack
Not really.

Yes. It would take a little while for the scars to heal and to gain the trust back, but overall it could happen. Although, I will say, in the back of your mind that question will always be there~Will this make him/her mad, is he/she gonna hit me for this, what if this/that? I guess what I'm saying is ~ the possibility of it will never go away but you can make it work.

nope because abuse never stops it might for a while but it will happen!!!

Decapitated Cat Head
Of course, you just have to work at it.

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