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can half siblings get married?
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can half siblings get married?

i am in love with my half brother we have different mums but same dads...... and we are wondering if we can get married as we both have the same surname ?????

Do you want kids with webbed toes? Yuck, there are plenty of good men that aren't your brother. Incest Mrs. Woody Allen is illegal for a reason. Are you from the Ozarks? Been there and seen brother and sister unions. I will never go back.. Get a real man for a husband not a brother. There are different kinds of love and you are ripping yourself off. Marriage love isn't brotherly love. Besides no one will issue you a marriage incense. What are you gonna tell your genetically weirded out kids? "Sorry little Bobby Sue you can't read well ( or are mentally challenged, have heart problems etc) because Mommy and Daddy are related. We thought our hormones for each other were more important than you." I don't watch Jerry Spinger but I bet you two could be a guest on his show.

No Dayna you cant by law this will not be allowed You are both siblings of your father You could never have children because of your genes

I;m not sure about the legalities - probably different in different places. However, marrying someone too closely related to you, such as a first cousin or a half-sibling, is not a good idea if you want to have children. Genetic traits such as hair color and conditions such as Down's Syndrome come in two varieties: dominant and recessive. The dominant ones will overpower all the others so you don't have to worry about them. It's the recessive genes which are the fly in the ointment when closely related people marry and have children together: since you are related closely, you are more likely to BOTH have the same recessive genes good ones and bad. It takes 2 of these recessive genetic forms to have an effect on the child produced - one from each parent. So, if your dad had some bad genes which are of this "recessive" form, then your children have a much higher chance of getting the result of having a pair of these genes, and the resulting disease or deformity. For the health of your children, it is best to either not get married, OR to not have children together if you do: a vasectomy or tubal ligation would do it. Adoption can be a very satisfying solution in cases such as this, where a couple cannot or should not have children together.

yeah of cawse! after all in gateshead brothers and sisters are producing!... stupid breeders!


Marty Keegan
OK: I REAAAALLLLLLYYYYYY dont wanna upset you: but I think that's TOTALLY disgusting!!!! YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH YOUR HALF BROTHER, THAT'S SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eww thinking about it just makes me wanna vomit.......I mean I know someone who has a friend who had 1ts cousin parents, and I thought that was weird! WHAT DOES YOUR DAD THINK OF THISSSSS????????????????????????????????? ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww {Anyway yeah I think you could get married.

NO! ........Oh my Gosh..NO!! That is your BROTHER! that is illegal.... it would be different (still gross) if it was STEP brother...but my God you have the same Dad and everything... nasty nasty nasty nasty nasty troll.

Having the same last name is irrelevant...but I do not believe people that closely related can marry...first cousins is about as close as I'm aware that blood-related people can marry, and that's not even legal everywhere...

Arizona Indian Doll
I don't know outside of America but there is no state in the union that would allow siblings or half siblings to marry. On a medical standpoint it is inadvisable for people sharing close genetics to marry because they can inadvertently inbreed diseases and tendencies to diseases into their children.

No it is still technically incest because you have the same father. Plus completely illegal and to be honest kinda gross.

have fun raising your deformed children and having all your friends family and neighbours ridiculing you

jenn w
ahahahaha please tell me this is a joke. no, they cannot get married! eww!

<3 SOFA <3
eww, isn't that against the law?

... er No.

KoKo KiTTy
......your last name has nothing to do with the fact that incest is illegal

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