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can you be divorced and live together in the same house?
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can you be divorced and live together in the same house?

Granny J
I suppose anything is possible but I wouldn't want to. Why would you want to? Wouldn't that like be living 'common law'?

Nancy M.
Yes you can. That is what I had wanted my ex and me to do but he couldn't handle it knowing that I would be out dating other men. Some people do live together esp. if they have small children.

Yes and no. If you can live together in the same house while you re married than what make you think you can live together in the house after divorced. I don't think you are happy to see she bring home her date. I don't think she can stand to watch you bring home your date either. SO good luck

Nana A
yes but the question is why end it and still live in the same house. oh with time you might reconcile

Tainted Heart
Anything is possible. But why get a divorce if some kind of way the two of you are able to live under the same roof? Doesn't that defeat the purpose.

hard work
I think it's interesting in theory, but I'm not sure how successful it would be in practice. For example, how will you cope when you see your ex-wife bringing another man into the house, or vice-versa? I would think there would be residual feelings that would make it awkward.

I suppose you could..but why would you want to? It's hard to start a new life, and later on a relationship...when the ex lives with you. I wouldn't recommend it, but if it works for the both of you..go for it! Hope this helps....


Sure you can.

Many people live together in the same house while going through a divorce.

Of course you can, but it's not a very good idea.

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