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can you get remarried without having to show your divorce papers?
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can you get remarried without having to show your divorce papers?

my friend is getting remarried and cant find her divorce papers can she still get married without having them

If you're in the UK, no you can't - sorry I got married in the summer, my husband had been married before and he had to produce his Decree Absolute before we could even register our intention to marry It shouldn't be too difficult to get a copy of the Absolute from the County Court which issued it though

ask me when my divorce comes through

a gnb
yes, she can, i think, as long as she doesnt have to " sware" an afidavit and then sign - and lie about it. Technically, just dont declare it. My frined did not - and she got away with it. If your frined has got to get a copy of her divorce documents, they can be obtained - by paying for it. look in google for that. I am not saying- do it the illegal way, no way. I am saying, you could - as lomg as you dont need to lie! Its just matter of " not mentioning it"

jackie m
UK no, my ex was getting married last year and lost the papers, I had to give him my copy to register his intended marriage.

miss j
Yes. My ex just got remarried and called me to find out the date that our divorce was final. Probably expedited the process of them having to look it up at the courthouse while he was filling out his marriage application.

Fran D
No she will have to pay for a copy of the papers from the solicitors she got divorced at. I have just got remarried and they needed to see my divorce papers which i had, you cannot get married without them.

Depends on the local laws. In Australia, you cannot record your marital status on your marriage certificate as "single" - the terminology is "Never Validly Married", Divorced, Widowed etc. The word "single" simply implies that one does not have a current partner, and is not considered to be a marital status. As I understand that "single" is now acceptable on marriage certificates in the UK I suggest you consult either a solicitor or the Registrar at the local Registry office as they may be able to advise you on correct legal procedure to follow and any penalties that may apply should incorrect information be supplied.

sure, why not

no you can not, when you go to announce your marriage in your local district(to get marriage license) you have to show your divorce papers.

Yes. Most states just require that you give your SS # and sign a statement reflecting that you are in fact divorced and show proper photo ID. Most states require that you give the date of your last divorce. She can find this by calling the clerk of courts in the county in which her divorce was finalized. They can give this to her over the phone. She will possibly also need a certified (stamped) copy of her birth certificate, at least know her SS # and show proof of identity via a photo ID such as a driver's license.

Just go to the lawyer who handle it or to the court house were the records are on file. A friend of mine thought his was final and married again. Next week he was arrested for bigamy

jed slade
Of course you can,so long as the divorce is a fact and certificated.

How long has she been divorced??? what state is she in... that all depends :~)

I'm certain of it, divorce is a civil legal action that is recorded by a stenographer in a court and it becomes a matter of public record. I can't find my divorce papers, either. Good luck

Yes, you must only go to the county clerk and get a license. I've done too many weddings its the truth. If you want proof ask the clerk when they go into get their license.

Discuss with a lawyer.These things cannot be discussed in yahoo answers,for what do you think Lawyers have studied law? This is precisely why I am not having any practice though Iam a lawyer.

Lareina G
i think you need to show evidence or proof that your friend is divorced... :D

i believe so if the friend is remarrying in the same town she got divorced in the courthouse will have a copy of divorce papers in clerks office.

no you can't.

Yes yo can, as long you don't say you were married before.

no way. follow rules!

of course she can it's all computerized any way

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