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do I have to pay child support when I marry him?
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do I have to pay child support when I marry him?

Common sense isn't anymore..
To whom? If you mean pay HIS child support for children that are not your own, no of course not. What a foolish thing to even consider.

If you are marrying someone w/ children and he pays child support, well yes, you are actually paying child support since it takes away from the amount of money both of you contribute to the household. Also, if he falls behind in the payments, they will withhold your joint tax refund to pay arrears. You can file an injured spouse exemption if that were to happen, so that your portion of the refund (if you both had income) would not be withheld.

If you marry a man who lives in a Community Property State ie: CA for instance, yes being it's the combined income that the court will use to measure his child support payments. Ask a lawyer if you and him fall into this category.

If you have children that is living with their father you have to.You don't if he has children as that is his duty.You didn't give enough information to the question in order to get a better answer.

when you marry who? you have to say more than this to get a real answer if you are marrying the father of your children then no you wont have to pay support if you are marrying someone else, then yes you will

If 'him' is the father of your child and you now are paying child support to him, once you get married, no you will not have to pay support. Unless he fights you on it, but that's highly doubtful.

say it all...
If you are asking if you have to contribute to your new spouses child support payments to his ex and children - no. You are not responsible to pay anyone else's child support.

Child support is for the sole purpose of providing for the children of parents who are separating from the marriage., not a toll on the turnpike of marriage.

not if your paying for his kids right now i don't believe so.Ask an attorney.

Huh? Why would you pay child support? If you have children that live with their father, you pay child support. You are not financially responsible for anyone else's kids.

If you don't live with him & the kids.

You need to explain more.

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