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do people ever recover from the bitterness of getting divorce?
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do people ever recover from the bitterness of getting divorce?

every divorced man i mean seems to be suffering from anger over it

abbie b
i dont think so, my parents are divorced and both remarried however my dad (after 15 years) still rants on about it bless

Luke P
yes,unless you are like me can't find another true love

Will they really should, its no good, drowning in self pity of what it might have been, or is it that they have had to share their money etc..............cheers

Kayte S
Nope, fact.

as a male having gone threw a divorce for three years, and researching a lot about it for a book, i have leaned three things. their is injury emotionally on both sides. where bitterness usually comes in is when one of the former couple uses the children as a tool or weapon against the other. my divorce took three years and i won primary residence for the children, the oldest stayed with his mother. a week before the divorce was final she sent him home to me to ask me to come back claiming she had punished me enough to come home She still felt she could control me and my thoughts . Bitterness comes when one of the party wants to keep control and will do anything to keep it. it took me six years to get over the dirtiness of her conduct and approach. to this day she blames me for the divorce even thou she served me and court rules she was having the affair. No person has the right to destroy a parents relationship with their children. yet many divorced males and females try to do that. the end result is the divorce person who holds the bitterness is really hiding their inability to trust anyone or anybody again because of what they have endured to obtain their freedom.

The ones who are bitter about it are the ones that got left! (usually because they f*cked up somehow, and are still in disbelief that their spouse decided not to put up with them anymore!) Usually the ones who did the leaving get over it pretty quick! (like myself) I left/divorced my first husband 3yrs. ago, and he's still bitter (mostly at himself because he knows he messed up and it costed him the best thing he ever had)<<<<his words He just admitted that he never actually thought I would go through with leaving him, and once I did.......TOO LATE

Yes, in time----------------take it from me!!! My Ex, he was real mad and during the divorce he tried to fight me for custody of our only 1 Daughter, and he tried to Contest our Divorce, AND, even tried to "win me back!!!!" The thing here is, I feel that Men go through the divorce different and handle it different, and with that, I think anger is the main way they handle going through it! It is a terrible mistake to handle it this way, because the Divorce alone is 1 ball of stress as it is, and only adds to the misery! Anyway, YES, let me promise you that it could take awhile for the man's anger to subside, as they all handle that differently too., but, in my case it took many years for my EX to get over his anger, and now we are good friends.! It gets better, though! You will see. Again, Counseling can help with these feelings so that the person can "channel" these feelings in a healthy way and not keep them penned up inside! To me, this is the reason why there are so many diseases out in this world! Stress attacks your body and mind in the worst way! We don't have to let it! Take it easy now, and TIME does HEAL all things, and PRAYERS do also! People DO recover from bitterness, be assured!

You must be hanging with the same men as I do. It seems to take men alot longer than women to get over divorce because alot of time their divorces are the wives fault as in cheating on them so they are leery of trusting another woman. Some men especially the military ones not only get cheated on while they are overseas but the wife cleans out their money as well. Then there is the children issue most of the time the wife gets custody whether she was faithful to him or not so all these things would make them angry. Can you blame them? If you are involved with one of these men just be patient and take things slow so he can eventually build up his trust in you but it takes time.

Lindsay W

Yep, but it takes time and the kindness of others. Be patient with anyone just divorcing. They have been hurt, damaged and are afraid to open up to anyone about anything. But given time, they will reblossom and renew themselves!

It took me a very long time, but I finally got over it. I was bitter for about 8 years after my divorce. I don't know what changed for me, maybe it was being alone for so many years that helped me heal before entering into another relationship. That time alone is very important! The emotions that come with divorce are so varied: anger, hurt, confusion, spite, sometimes even jealousy. But when you feel them all at the same time, it's hard to figure out what you need to get through it. If someone's suffering, a couple of counseling sessions can go a long way toward the healing process.

I say yes. My parents were married for 30 years when my dad fell in love with someone else. With in 7 months of meeting the new woman, my parents were divorced and he was remarried to the new one. My mother was devestated. They got married at 19 and were all each other had ever known and now he was literally 1,000 miles away with someone else and she was alone. It took a lot of time, patience, tears and a few drinks =-) but four years later, she is a new woman. She is in love again and she is the most beautiful, vibrant and self sufficient 53 year old I know. At first she couldn't even stand to be in the same place with him, but this year, we are going to have Christmas ALL together (step monster and mom's boyfriend included) Should be interesting....

Kate M
It usually takes men quite a long time to get over a divorce and it seems like they are all bitter over it when half of them caused the divorce to begin with.

some men don't get over the bitterness of a divorce if the marriage involved children some men feel as though their ex wives took them for a ride when it comes to child support or visitation or alimony

Not all of us are bitter over it...I felt like the weight of the world came off my shoulders, friends, family and my kids all noticed a spring in my step and a smile on my face.... I looked at it as an opportunity to start over, build my life the way i wanted it, and a chance to meet the woman I would be happy with. 5 yrs later I'm remarried to my best friend.

it took my current husband 13 years to get over his previous wife fully. Now he can't understand why he was ever bothered- apart from missing the kids and dogs. So yes they do.

Yes, Iv'e done it twice !

Women get over it! I know that cos i have - twice!!! Men, i dont know..... i think they do. Dont get involved with a bitter divorced man.

Some guys take forever, some take a week. lol. Depends on the man. And women are the same way (except me, of course. I got over it the moment the door hit my ex's butt on the way out).

I was wondering the same thing.

Most women I meet suffer the same thing. Alot I believe is just talk.

They do get over it but they always seem to vent bitterness towards the divorced partner.

Yes Helen you do love. If i can do it then you can girl. HURTS LIKE HELL but nothing i can do about it

it takes a guy several years to recover from divorce

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