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does my boyfriend have mental problems?
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does my boyfriend have mental problems?

Does my boyfriend have mental problems?? we have been seeing each other for a couple months.. and hes basically slept over every night at my house..stays all day.. never goes home (which annoys me) but he left to go back home for a couple days to meet up with his best friend who flew in (boyfriend lives about an hour and a half away)... anyhoo.. the morning when he left to go back home for a couple days he was in the shower making alot of noises.. i thought he was just horking up spit like he does every morning.. but when he left my house he text me saying "did u hear me in the shower?? i was sick all morning because i knew how much i was going to miss u over the next couple days and it made me sick" ummm hes telling me he was gunna get sick because he was gunna be away from me for 3 days!?!?!? is that crazy?!?! cuz it weirded me out! he is 26.

26! Every Woman needs a man that is secure and not a little boy that needs to be reassured and taking care of. While it may seem cute sometimes and you may feel needed and wanted, he is really controlling you. He sounds a little possessive as well. If you start realizing he's cut you off from friends and family and your normal routine, you might need to rethink things with him. You may not want to rush into anything with him, kids or marriage, until you really know what he's all about. To tell you that he pukes at the thought of being away from you is a VERY SCARY situation. Next is stalking , then he will tell you if you break up with him he will hurt himself. Try and ween your way out of this mans life. Sooner better than later!

be reasonable
No, you have a problem. The problem is your boyfriend. He never goes home because he is home. Under your roof! I seriously doubt he has his own roof. The best thing you can do for yourself is to tell him that while he is away "visiting his boyfriend" to STAY THERE! As for his shower noises.....he made it a point to go to an extreme for some reason. Figure it out.

thats funny. tell him to stop acting and talking like that to you. or its gonna be over.

He might have mental problems but you do too because you let him run all over you!!! Who you chose to date says something about you!!!! Are you a loser? ( i don't think you are) BUT only a loser would date a loser!!!! Go get a real man!!!

He is definitely insecure and clingy. With my past experience, I'd run from this guy now. Plus he is basically admitting he threw up in your shower...ew.

uhm. i think he was trying to make a point however it sounds like you are not in love with him anymore. why dont you move on and stop leading him on?

wtf ? run now, he will turn psycho on you in the future

He has lung cancer. The noises you were hearing were of him coughing up blood.

He's way to dependant. You should talk to him about it.

i think hes obsessed with you. and does this stuff cause he dosnt want you to leave him.

.... I'm glad as f*ck I don't have to put up with this relationsh*t...

Everett W
Get rid of him. Make sure that when he is back to visit, that another guy runs out of the house before your BF walks up to the door.

If you have to ask, yes. After reading what you wrote, Yes.

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