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havent heard from my boyfriend for two weeks now what should i do?!?
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havent heard from my boyfriend for two weeks now what should i do?!?

me and my boyfriend have been together for more than a year now we were really happy together two months ago he moved away and changed jobs he would phone me everday and text me to tell me how much he misses me and loves me the other week he was gonna come down to see me and then phoned to say he couldnt make it and i havent heard from him since and its been two weeks now i've tryed phoning and texting him but no answer i miss him so much what should i do

well if nothing dire has happened then im sorry but hes obviously made other plans, what they entail only he can say but the commonest one is another woman maybe at a stretch a bloke!!

think of a reason where you didn't reply to his text or calls for two weeks? and then decide, he is either seriously hurt and hasn't been able to contact you to let you no? or hes found someone else and hasn't got the guts to tell you, and is hoping you will just give up and let hI'm get out of the relationship the easy way? if its the first reason then im sorry... but if its the 2nd then ur better off... x

Janet C
I think I would just try and forget him he,s obviously got someone or something else on his mind. He is not much of a man, when he can,t be honest with you. Leave him too it, he will be the loser in the end. Go out and enjoy yourself probably someone waiting round the corner for you Good luck

Denise B
find someone else.

I would move on babe,,,,,,,, time heals and really it dosen't sound like there is any future,,, forgive me for asking but if you love him why didn't you move with him?

give up, he's found someone else to play with

live life
Sorry,but move on,he has.

if u have tried to contact him with no avail, i wouldn't keep calling him, he knows where u are, if he has moved away and changed jobs, he is probably with someone else and feels it is best not to contact u, as he would have to deal with confrontation. usually when they are gone and do not call, it means we are no longer on their mind. out of site out of mind.

Maybe you should be glad he hasn't called you. He's probably back with his wife and kids.

i think that you should call one of his freinds or maybe someone from his family and see if he ok! they may even know why hes not called! i hate to say it but im thinking it may be over but hes not got the balls to tell you! either that or hes done something hes ashamed of! i think he would have answered your calls and txts if he was still wanting to be in the relationship! honey theres so many things that may have happened! DONT CALL HIM ANYMORE! send him a txt saying that your not calling him any more and what ever is going on in his life theres NO reason for him treating you this way! one day maybe not tommorow not next week maybe not even in the next few months, but he will see he was wrong to treat you this way! now move on, dont wait for something that you dont even know is coming back to you! good luck honey! xxxxxxxxxxx

wake up and smell the coffee!! he must have someone else!! tell him to take a long walk off a short pier!! Aziz!! shut up you pr!ck!!

girl he is cheating on you .you need to stop wasting time on him you need a new man

srita cara de pizza
if you feel that your relationship is fine you dont have to be worried about I reccomend you give him some time but he will need to give you a good answer about this 2 weeks probably he has been too bussy

Listen Hun hate to be a party pooper but I think you had better move on it sounds like he has no contact for two weeks certainly sounds like he has other things on his mind. Men I am afraid can be cruel and its hurtful that he has treated you in this way. Maybe deep down you realise this is the case. Dont give him the satisfaction of thinking you are sitting there missing him. You are going to have to give your self permission to be upset for awhile but I am sure there is someone out there who is going to treat you better.

keep calling maybe something happen if he dont aswer by week 3 then its over

Lize-May W
he is not worth it. If you do talk to him let him put his side of the story but don't put your hopes up. a year is nothing. if he cant explain why he has done that then he ain't worth it

Richard A
Since ive never had a boyfriend i dont know exactly, but It might be that hes found another girl, but dont believe me for sure i could be wrong. Best regards Richard Ahern

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