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how can i get my husband to pay half on bills-he spends money on games,skateboards,instead of paying bills?
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how can i get my husband to pay half on bills-he spends money on games,skateboards,instead of paying bills?

My husband often leaves me with more of the bills to pay. He uses his money to buy fun toys for him and IF there is money left over then he will give me money for bills. All of the bills are in my name and he knows that I will pay them.

you have to do what i do; take his money when he gets paid!if i didnt we'd be behind on all our bills! its all fun and games, til youre living in the bottom of a cheerios box!!!!!!!!!

talk him into direct deposit and then snag the check book

divorce him.....other wise your pretty much stuck with it. And why would you wreck your credit by not paying the bills???? Unless he has the bills put in his name too your screwed because the utilities companies aren't allowed to put them in his name with out his consent

I hate to say this, but that sounds very very immature to me. He should be adult enough to know what the priorities are and what happens when you don't pay the bills. Maybe if you "accidently" neglect to pay the electric bill a time or to and the lights go out, well.....he just might wake up.

Have you sat down and talked to him and discussed what needs to be paid?

Marriage is about doing things together and I am sure you know that, but he needs to wake up and realize it, it's not just a you and me thing . It's together. Really traditionally he has the soul responsibility of bringing in the money to make sure the bills are paid.

He really needs to be talked to and maybe marriage counseling is needed.

Do not speck your husband to pay but get on he's face about it he may not like it but there is more important things than having the new game for X-Box tell that instead of buying he can rent. Sit down with him and set your priorities you can do this, it may take time but he'll understand trust me.

tell him that if he dont help you pay the bills you going to kick him out .

why don't you talk to your husband, thats not a good relationship if you're looking for an advice on here, you need to communicate with him and tell him how you feel, you can't get him to pay for something by talking to us here. Remember, communication is the tool, use it!

Don't pay them one month and let your lights or gas get turned off... or you can start doing direct deposit for both of you and when the money is deposited, right away divide the money for bills and savings and stuff. Then he wont have a chance to spend his share. Change the bills to his name too... make him responsible

ring up the utility companies and get both your names on them and then you do to him what he does to you.

Do not pay, let the collectors go after him.

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