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how can i prove to him that i am not lying?
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how can i prove to him that i am not lying?

I have been with my boyfriend near 8 months. He's asked me about my past, and I had lied to him about it because I didn't want to be judged for what happened.I had done this a few times. I ended up telling him everything truthfully, but he still thinks i'm lying about something. But i've told him time and time again that I have nothing else to hide or lie about. He said he wants solid proof that I am not lying, and I keep saying that i'm not lying about anything, but my words aren't enough, what can I do to make him trust me again without using words? Everything else in out relationships is fine except for this issue. I need help!!!!!!

everyone has a past and you don't owe him an answer to that. What's he want a lie detector test? Bull feather your there and if that's not good enough I'd be gong. Your never going to convince him only what he want to think. Is that what you really want?

Everything else is NOT fine. Trust is the most important part.

What kind of proof is he looking for?? if you can't give proof OR dont want to, then your word has to be good enough for him and if he doesn't accept that, then what does that tell you? your word means nothing to him...and without your word, you don't have much..so he has to take it or leave it because that's all you have..and, just a suggestion, in the future, you needn't tell ALL to anyone...you are allowed to keep some things of your past in YOUR past with not being expected by anyone for a tell-all session. There are some things in my past that I have no desire to tell and that is MY prerogative and there is nothing wrong with that...besides, when you break off with someone, do you want your past told to others....If there is something is your past you don't want to be judged by from anyone, keep silent...Good Luck to you.

Ah, the old philosophical brain-teaser: you can't prove a negative. You can't prove a chair isn't there, you can't prove God doesn't exist and you can't prove that you aren't lying. Frankly, if he's demanding proof or something like this and there just isn't anyway to physically provide it, you're cooked as far as my experience goes. By demanding proof that he knows is impossible to get he's put you in a situation where you will a)always be begging for approval and b)never have any power in the relationship. The best you can hope for is to just be consistent and continue to behave in a trustworthy way. That's really the best you can do. Honestly, your relationship sounds like it's been poisoned by the lying and you'd do best to end it altogether. Because now there are three people involved: you, him and THE ISSUE.

It's hard to get past history. Your history with him is lying. He may never get past that. Sorry!

Wicked Ways
Whatever happened between you and other men before you met him is strictly none of his business. End of story. Tell him he can take it or leave it, but you're through talking about it.

Timz Silver Hammer
Trust is easily lost, but hard to recover. You almost have to rebuild it from the ground up ..all over again. Be sure that he's just worried about something worse that's still hidden. He just doesn't like feeling like a chump, you have to keep trying.

Tinny Rock
you can c just a words that y u re confuse.. the words re always parts of point so you must see just a action how they have effort to you also i am like a person

Paul Kaminsky
I can see why he doesn't trust your word, since you lied to him. But if he cant get over that then maybe he isn't someone you want to stick with.

I would tell him your past before you met him is your business. Nothing whatsoever to do with him. Don't allow him to interrogate you anymore. Tell him to grow up .

Break up. This will never get better. Trust me. And the next time, be honest from the beginning so you don't come across this again.

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