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how can i stop my wife from getting mad over the smallest things?
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how can i stop my wife from getting mad over the smallest things?

my wife and i recently start arguing over the smallest thing, when we do she bring up everything in the past that we've argued about to make it more difficult than it needs to be she's also diagnose with ADD, Bipolar and Emotional Depression. i really wanna know what can i do the help the situation?

This is how they are man. You're asking us how to keep a cow from saying mooo. It's just what they do. Just accept that you will never win an argument and that she just needs to do this shit once in a while.

Depression affects people in different ways, and just remember, it is a real illness and she will need your support. There is nothing that you can physically do to change things in a day or so, it will take time. When she snaps at you, as hard as it is, just bite your tongue and accept it. Do little things that will let her know that you care about her and want to help her, buy her favourite chocolate, cook for her, rub her feet. Hopefully in her own time she will get better and the little arguments will stop. Also take into account that EVERY couple argues, it is just normal. Good luck anyway! Floss.

Common sense isn't anymore..
What you can do is convince her to get on medication. Then help her work through finding the right mix of meds, most of the time it takes a little while to find the right combination.

Usually the small things get brought up because the big things haven't been dealt with. Same as the past being brought up; it wasn't truly resolved at the time so it keeps resurfacing. Time for a long heart to heart talk about what is bothering you both and how to work on it. Include past issues and put them in the past permanently.

Dane Battle
don't waste your time, women can't help themselves

Stay calm, go up to her and say "Hey I've noticed lately you have been more upset than normal. Is there anything that you want to talk to me about?" And remind her that you are there to help and and be supportive not to hurt her more. She's acting out because she wants you to pay attention to what is wrong. I know I know it would be so much easier if she would just telling instead of freaking out, but eh it's a girl thing you gotta give a lot to get a few words that actually mean something lol. Just Listen to what she has to say and ask her how you can help her, the more help you give her the less angry she will be, but remember she is a woman and we are always going to be bipolar. Sorry.

Whisky River
ziggy my man if you can figure this one out your a better man than i am all women are crazy and i happen to live with the queen of them crazy people she would yell and scream if i hung her with a new rope good luck man

oh man I'm sorry. Good luck. Try to talk her into some therapy.

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